31 May 2012

Good Things

Good Things is a brand i discovered through the lovely Jennie, and have been enjoying for a good month or so now.

Seeing as i don't particularly do that much to my skin, to help or hinder, i thought it about time i tried out some skincare. Now, i know there are all these parabens and what-sits and general bad stuff lurking around, so i wanted to try and avoid these where possible - so Good Things seemed like a great solution! They're free from "mineral oils or other petrochemicals, parabens, sodium laureth - and sodium lauryl sulphates, and nothing that has been derived from or tested on animals." Good Things products are packed with 'super fruits' which can range from keeping the skin calm and free from irritation to counteracting the environmental stress that skin goes through.

To be honest, the packaging probably pulled me in at first glance as it's clean but pretty, and looks lovely sat on a night stand, etc. I also love that they all smell delicious, as i know that they can be good for the skin but all this unscented malarky is a little dull if you ask me - so if i can have a product that looks after my skin AND smell delicious, then ya got me.

So far i own: Face The Day Moisturiser, Bright Eyes Eye Cream, Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser, Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser, Five Minute Facial Face Mask, Soothing Exfoliating Scrub and Soothing Body Lotion and am loving it all. I've been noticing lately that my skin is becoming more oily than usual and the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser and Miracle Mattifier is seriously helping to improve the oiliness of my skin, plus keeping my skin clean and looking more radiant than usual. After a good clean using the Purifying Cleaner my skin instantly feels refreshed and clear. I don't use the Miracle Mattifier every day, as i don't feel i need it and i switch up with the Face the Day and occasionally no moisturiser at all, or i do it the previous night.

Like i said, i'm also loving the Face The Day Moisturiser (not pictured) - i use this, in the morning, when i have a few dry patches where i've been trying to combat spots using my prescription gel, that just dries out the area. I also occasionally use at night when i feel i want extra moisture without putting make up on, etc - especially since the loss of their Dream Cream Night Cream (Boohoo, please bring her back! Would it help if i started a petition?) I've only ever really used moisturiser when i needed it but i've now began to build it into my routine, however not every day to try and combat dependancy and sometimes out of laziness!

I was a little hesitant about the Five Minute Mask, 'cause i mean come on - how much can really be done in five? There are so many other face masks out there on the market that have to be kept on for a good ten minutes plus, why would this one be the answer to my prayers? However, i was more than pleasantly surprised. After a recent bad experience with a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, i was a little reluctant but after such good feedback from all the other products and no ingredients to give me real problems, i thought i'd give it a go and i'm super glad i did. It left my skin feeling refreshed, clean and baby smooth. My skin was the softest it's ever felt. I highly, highly recommend this product - and this brand - however, i don't use the mask more than twice a week and only twice when i feel my skin needs some real help. Usually on a Friday or Saturday night as a little pick-me-up and as a relaxation tool. I never leave it on for longer than the recommended five minutes, but begin to wash it off probably 30 seconds after the recommended time to allow the full length of time for my skin to reap the benefits. I did use my Benefit Facial Polish before i used the face mask, as i'm yet to hunt down the Good Things Freshening Polish or the Blackhead Exfoliator, but i when i get the opportunity to buy that i'll be using that instead.

I love to use the Soothing Exfoliating Scrub while i'm showering, especially on my legs as it helps to keep hairs from becoming ingrown and also to get rid of any excess dead skin cells that are hanging around. The Soothing Body Lotion is great to be used after my shower, and especially after shaving my legs. It keeps the skin smooth and soft and generally just keeps my skin happy. I wouldn't say that these two products have changed my life, like the facial products have but i'll definitely be repurchasing as they've helped improve the softness of my skin.

When it comes to the Eye Cream, i'm really a little hesitant and worried to try this as all the Good Things products contain natural ingredients and one of the Eye Cream's main ingredients is Raspberry, which i am unfortunately allergic to. Now, since finding out that i'm allergic to this fruit i've not eaten or used any products containing them, so this will be a first. I'm sure that i won't have the same reaction i have when i digest them, but i'm not sure if i'll have no reaction at all. I'm still definitely going to give it a go because my under eyes are one of my most hated features of myself and anything that may help me improve them is much appreciated, and seeing as i've had such good results with the rest of the produce makes me a little less fearful. I'll keep you updated about this product, and i hope to report back with continued success.

I am incredibly happy that i came across this brand because it's seriously changed my perspective on looking after my skin, and that you can do it without smearing all sorts of unidentified rubbish on your face. I feel happy in the knowledge that i'm looking after my skin with the best possible ingredients. I highly recommend these products, as you may have seen me raving about them over on Twitter. Follow me on there to keep up to date with all Good Things thoughts!



  1. Yay! I'm so happy that you're loving Good Things so much, I think they're such a wonderful brand! I've been through two body butters already & can't live without them! Everything smells so delicious too! xo

  2. I may have to get a few of these! Sounds promising, my skin breaks out so regularly haven't grown out of the teenage years yet unfortunately. I recently bought the spot remover gel by Origins from John Lewis and have been pleasantly surprised though! That's worth a try!

  3. I really wanna try out the body lotion and the mask, so do you know at what store I could find those? :)

    1. You can pick them up in Boots, Sainsburys and Asda :)


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