7 May 2012

Spring Favourites

I love watching Youtube videos and reading blog posts, and one of the best is the classic monthly favourites. So, i thought i'd give it a go myself! Rather than starting with a monthly, i thought i'd start with the season as i don't know how well i'll do with producing it monthly! So here are my products for Spring:

Lush Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar: £2.45

This is my favourite bubble bar of all time, and it was lovely to come home for the Easter break and have a well deserved bath - seeing as my halls of residence only has showers - with this delicious smelling bar. I love the sensation of crumbling it under the warm water and watching the bubbles rise from the swirling pink crumbs. It just smells amazing, and reminds me of some happy times when i was a little younger, and when i was a Lush enthusiast. The scent is light and sweet - not something i'd usually go for - but there's just something about this smell that makes me want to eat it. I can't wait for next year when my new flat has a bath and i can use these all the time, even try out some new ones.

 Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish: £17.50

Since winning this in the Debenhams Beauty Event raffle, i've been using it non stop. It contains really finely milled scrubbing agents, very similar to a body scrub but delicate - for the face- and when massaged into the skin, you can feel it shifting the dirt. I make sure it's well massaged in, scrubbing with a little vigour to make sure it's got rid of all the dead skin and dirt. When i wash it off, usually just using some cold water and a wash cloth, my skin is ultra soft - like nothing it's ever been and this helps my skin become brighter, plumper and cleaner. It's honestly a god send, and i like to use it in conjunction with the Benefit Facial Emulsion the next morning, after using (not pictured) - they're the most amazing combo and help to make my skin glow when it really needs a hand.

Models Own Nail Polish in Champagne: £5.00

This is my staple nail polish throughout Autumn, Winter and into Spring. When Spring gets a little warmer, i like to pop out the brights but until then this is my colour. I love that it goes with everything, but isn't a dull colour. I'm not really one for nudes on the nails, i figure if you're gonna paint 'em you might as well paint 'em good. It's the most gorgeous peach toned platinum/silver colour. I love it's deep, never ending shimmer and catches all sorts of light. It jazzes up outfits day to day and is perfect for evenings out, and all occasions.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One BB Cream in Light: £7.49

This is honestly a dream product for me. I'm forever on the search for a product to help me combat my dratted skin, and this does just that. It's amazingly moisturising, keeping my skin in plump tip top condition with in-built coverage, but nothing too dramatic for my pale skin. It evens out my skin tone and along with my usual 17 concealer it helps to disguise blemishes and scarring too. It works like a dream and i couldn't recommend it highly enough.

 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait: £7.99

I'm so glad to have tracked down this product! It's what i've always been looking for in a lip product, and more. I have plenty of gorgeous colours i can wear for a more evening look, or bright day look if i'm feeling brave, but i've been wanting something i can wear day to day with little hassle. The formula is intensely moisturising and the right amount of sheer. This colour isn't quite my dream colour yet, but the pigmentation is nice and i can't wait to give a few of the other shades a go.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara in Black: £16.50

This has forever been my favourite mascara and right up until they upped the price, and i went to university becoming a student - with little money - i used this every day. I couldn't quite justify buying this all the time when i moved, so came across a Rimmel dupe but i will forever be in love with this product. It' lengthens my lashes and builds them up without being clumpy, what i also love about it is it's build-able without ever looking TOO much.

 Soap & Glory Think & Fast Mascara: £10.00

Like many others, i actually got this free in an ELLE edition. I'd previously been dying to give it ago, since knowing Soap & Glory has produced a make up line and i'm SO glad that i've finally tried it! It's amazing, and i almost love it as much as the Benefit edition. Price wise, it's somewhere between my every day Rimmel and the Benefit product, so when i'm wanting something a little more heavy duty, i know that this is still affordable. It does everything the Benefit mascara does, but is a little healthier on the old purse.

 Avon Nail Experts Grow Potion: £5.00

I'm forever having problems with my nails, always looking for ways to strengthen them. I was recommended this through a friend of my mum's and thought i'd give anything a go. It's a wonder product, helping my nails to stop peeling and cracking and thickening the whole nail, as well as increasing growth. It does it all and more, helping keep my nails right on track.

 Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner: £4.49

This product SAVED my poor defenceless hair! I use it every time i wash my hair, when it's still damp and brush it through. It smells divine and when my hair dries, leaves it feeling super soft and healthy, but never limp and over worked. It's honestly a life saver for anyone with damaged hair, i will you to give it a go!

So, there they are! My Spring favourites, i'll keep you updated!


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  1. Oooh great selection of favourites! Love the Bubble Bar and I still find myself on the quest to find the perfect mascara! ♥xxx


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