11 May 2012

Toppers Tall

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As we all know, i'm a leggy lass so pretty much rely on Topshop's Tall section to keep my pins dressed, and lately they've been excelling in this field. I've always complained that they've done the basics better than good but they seemed to think that's all tall girls wanted, basics. But since the new season has kicked in, they've been bringing out on trend pieces left right and centre, plus little added extras for a great selection.

I just wanted to do a little post to showcase such a brilliant collection, everything from jumpers to jeans, and beyond. My favourites are their jeans, leggings, shorts and playsuits as i'm not too fussy about tall dresses or skirts. 

I also commend Topshop for finally giving the option to pay by giftcard! I have been waiting for this moment for a very long, so i salute you Toppers!


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