13 May 2012

25 For 25

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As you all know this year i turned 20, giving a me mere five years before i officially hit "mid-20s", and it's all downhill from there into the depths of your late 20s and before you know it, you're 30. Bam. So, after reading the lovely Jennie's blog, it gave me the inspiration and idea to follow suit and build my own 25 for 25; 25 things i'd like to achieve before i reach 25.

It's taken me so long write this post, quite literally months(!), as i really had to think about what i want to do and achieve in the next 5 (and a bit) years. On one hand that's a hell of a lot of time, but on the other not that long at all. I'm going to be at University for two more of those years, until i'm 22, so that leaves only two and a bit years after University where i'll be living in 'the real world' and when i can imagine i'll be achieving, or hoping to achieve, the most in that time.

So, here are my 25 for 25.

I thought it probably best to stick my two main priorities first and second, as they're what i want most from the next five years.

1. Graduate from University with a grade i'm proud of.
This is probably my main goal, as without this i won't be going nowhere! I also made sure to write 'with a grade i'm proud of' as although, of course, i'd love to come out of my degree with a first but who knows how the next two years will pan out and who knows if i'll get on with the rest of the modules as well as i have in my first year, so we'll see but all i can do is try my best to aim for the best grade i can get.

2. Secure a job, somewhere i want to be.
Obviously i don't want the grade i'm happy with to go to waste, so hopefully i'll be able to secure some sort of job, somewhere i'd like to be, doing something i love. I wouldn't even mind starting out as an intern, or just starting at the bottom working up or maybe even freelance, but something would be good to keep me occupied.

EDIT: Now that i really think about it 25 really isn't that old, or that much time, to do things in - seeing as i have a further two years of University to go. So many things i'd like to happen probably won't because, well, i'm a keen bean!

3. Continue Legs Eleven to her full potential.
I'm absolutely loving writing for my blog, at the moment, and i feel as though i'm at some sort of blogging peak - but i don't want that peak to ever dip. Legs is such a guilty pleasure of mine, i love that she's my little part of the internet and can project my thoughts and feelings here. I want to continue to watch her grow, and hope she can continue to bring me great things - i've met some of the loveliest people through her.

4. Find products that help me to take better care of my skin, and begin to take better care.
Up until recently, i really haven't cared for my skin. I haven't exactly abused it but i also haven't made it an effort to take care of it. I know that as we get older your skin gets really affected, so i hope to invest in some serious skin care - finding something that really works for me, and use it like i should.

5. Comment on the blogs posts i read.
I am an absolute terror for this. I love seeing people comment on my posts, and for the amount of blogs, and posts, that i read i do not comment enough. It's almost becoming a resolution that i need to comment on every post that i read. I'm sure there'll be days that i comment more than others, but i want to make sure to comment a lot more than i currently do.

6. Find my Scent.
Everyone seems to have their signature scent, but i've been through so many perfumes and am still yet to find my perfect scent. Something that i love, that can take me from day to night, throughout the year and something that can grow with me. I'm really looking forward to that.

7. Leave the country, without my parents, other than a University trip.
I'm looking forward to travelling with my friends, or my partner, as i think that's a step to growing up.

8. See one of my favourite artists live.
More recently have i decided that i'd really love to see Jessie J but there are plenty of acts i'd love to see on tour, like Take That, Michael Buble or Beyonce. I haven't seen as many gigs as i would have liked to over the years, but Glastonbury wet my appetite for live acts and i'd like to continue ticking them off my list.

9. Become engaged.
Maybe not too soon, but around my 25th birthday perhaps i'd like to think i'll be getting engaged. It's one of those things girls dream of, and i don't want to wait too long as there are so many other things in life that are to follow.

10. To be decorating my own home.
I can't wait to decorate my room in my rented student flat, next year, so the thought of decorating an entire home - wallpaper and all - is seriously exciting. I love interior design, and it's always been an interest, so i can't wait to get creative and splash my personality across the walls.

11. To own a MAC lipstick.
Oh my goodness, i can't wait for this day. They're a little pricey in my opinion, so are yet to be purchased. They're high end to me and something a little special, so will be a special purchase. I think i'll go for something daytime before i go for something out there.

12. Continue to find myself, alone and as part of a couple.
I think it's important to grow as a person and to learn to grow in a couple too. It's a difficult thing to know who you are but also how to deal with things in a relationship, and i look forward to a time when i have that balance.

13. Keep in contact with the girls that are helping to shape my University years, amazingly too.
They're amazing girls, there's not much else to say. I love them and hope to continue with our friendships. 

14. Know the tubes like a real Londoner.
When it comes to the underground, i know the names of the lines but not where they go and only know where to go if i look in advance/travel the same route often. I look forward to a time when i'll know where i'm going all the time, no matter where i'm headed.

15. Get published in a publication i currently read religiously.
How exciting would that be? I was so excited and proud to see my name, and work, published in Cambridge's Style magazine so to see my name published in something considered to be a bigger publication, national or international would be incredible.

16. Hear Take That Sing "Never Forget" live.
This is one of the most moving songs to me, and it would be incredible to be sat in a stadium with thousands of other people singing along too. Just. Incredible.

17. Begin to see the world, out there.
I'd love to travel a bit, not necessarily all over but i'd like to see things that are out there, probably starting in my own back yard as i think the UK is a beautiful country with it's own gems.

18. Continue to grow my hair.
I know this is a simple one, but this is something i'm desperate to do. My hair seems to get to shoulder length and give up, so i'm desperate to grow it long. Especially as i want long gorgeous locks for my wedding day.

19. Meet Alice Bailey.
I must meet this lady. She's such a special one, and i can't wait to chat about anything and everything and hug her to thank her for everything she's done for me. Honestly, she's a gem.

20. Spend time in London when i'm not working or rushing and can enjoy our Capital city.
I really do love London, and i'd love to spend more time there when i'm not there for work or to shop like a mad woman. I'd love to see everything the city has to offer and spend time sitting in the parks reading on a sunny day.

21. Become an Iphone user.
I'm really hoping for this to come true sooner rather than later because, frankly, my  Blackberry is has been giving up the ghost the passed few months and it's just awful. I'm looking forward to giving the Iphone a go as my Mr has one and i love having a play, it's just so multifunctional and i like the thought of having everything in one place.

22. I'd like a puppy.
I really, really would. I can't be sure it'll happen before i'm 25 as i want to make sure i have the money, and time, to look after them but i just love the thought of walking them and having a little friend. I've always wanted a dog, so can't wait to fulfil this one.

23. Buy fresh flowers more often.
I love having fresh flowers, but my university room isn't very forgiving with amount of space so i'm looking forward to moving and getting the room to have flowers more often. I just feel like they brighten up the place, and they also make me feel better too!

24. Let go.
I think there comes a time in all our lives where we realise that it's the right moment to let go of things that have troubled you or that you changed from in the past. Whether it means your brain clicks and you feel a weight lift or physically get rid of memorabilia that you no longer feel attached too, but i think that's a time when you feel it's right to move on.

25. Know where i'm going, and as who.
I think the thought of this is scary but exciting. The thought of being settled, knowing how the next few years is going to pan out and the feeling of who i'm becoming to be is a wonderful thought. I imagine that's when i'll feel like a true adult, when life begins to become settled but content.

So, there are my 25 things. I know they're not mad, as i'm not really your bungee jumping, sky diving, jumping off a cliff kinda gal - i'm a little more down to earth and wanted to include things that i can genuinely tick off because lets face it, i'm never jumping off a cliff.



  1. I loved this post, I think you have some really wonderful aims/goals for the next few years! <3 xo

  2. This is such a beautiful post and all of these are really good aims to have. You're clearly very motivated and talented so I have confidence that you will achieve all that you want to, just don't ever give up :)
    I've read a few of these and really need to do one, I must start working on it as I'm sure it will take me a while to think of 25!
    Love Holz oxo

  3. These are such well thought out goals and aims, Kat! I need to update my 2012 goals list, having completed quite a few of them before even reaching the midway point of the year. I'd love me a little puppy too! xx

  4. Gosh! Love this SO much Kat. I think I may have to challenge myself to do this- as hard as it may be if I were to face my goals head on then maybe, just maybe I might find something to focus on.

    I most certainly can relate to number 24- I actually felt this was me writing this.

    You're right, a girl dreams of getting engaged - it will happen one day and when it does you will feel like the luckiest girl in the world, trust me♥



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