25 May 2012

I'm an #AussieAngel!

So, since writing my plea to become an Aussie Angel i found out via Twitter that i'd successfully got my wings, along with nine other lovely girls - Sarah, Steph, Jade, Sarah, Danielle, Lizzie, Rosie, Lisa and Brogan! I can't express how excited i am for this opportunity, and especially to get to know the brand and also to meet the rest of the Angels!

We've already been sent a little package in the mail - which is exciting! - which included this adorable little necklace to confirm that we've all gained our Aussie Wings!

 And with our parcels came the first task for us Angels - to test out the new 500ml bottles that you may have seen in your local drugstores. We got given the Miracle Moist Shampoo - for hair that's dry/damaged/a bit unhappy - and this kinda describes my own state of hair, so i was super excited to give this a go. I've said in the past that i adore Aussie products so was already expecting great things from this product and i wasn't disappointed.

I love that this product wasn't heavy and didn't weigh down my hair, and with that classic Aussie smell you can't go far wrong. Even though it wasn't thick, it still lathered up well and seemed to deep condition my hair still leaving it soft and squeaky clean. I'd definitely use this product again, although in these humongous 500ml bottles you won't need to repurchase very often! Although they're not great for travelling, for home use you only need a little product to get a good lather so will keep you going for a long time.


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  1. Great blog I love aussie conditioner! :) x



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