29 May 2012

Like a Virgin #3 Essie Who?

Essie Nail Polish in In Stitches

Back again with Like a Virgin, and now i can tick Essie off my list of brands. Finally picked up a polish, at the same time as picking up my OPI polish - that was a good day. I decided on this, after pros and cons-ing it with Angora Cardi as they're very similar in colour. They're both a gorgeous everyday colour, they're sort of coral like but Angora is a little more pink and Stitches is a little more orange. So, since i've been picking a fair few pink shades lately i thought i'd go for this one. I think this will become a go to every day shade for me, it's just the perfect simple shade but it's not too neutral so it doesn't become boring. I just love it!


1 comment:

  1. this is a gorgeous shade! I keep toying with buying a essie polish, i love models own too much!
    Love Holz oxo


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