19 November 2012

#OOTD Knit On Knit

Knitted Cardigan: Primark | Strap Top (Underneath): H&M | Knitted Top: H&M | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Disco Pants: Glamorous | Flatforms: Ebay

I think this is a really quirky look for the Autumn/Winter weather. This would be perfect for a cold, crisp Autumn day but maybe minus the flatforms and add some chelsea boots!

The Disco Pants are a real versatile piece, what i love about them is that because they're actually trousers - and have pockets and a zip - you can wear shorter tops or tuck tops in, something that you cannot do with leggings (leggings are not trousers, people). I love the mix of textures pairing them with this knitted top from H&M and this is a great piece to layer during this time of year. Just add a long sleeve top underneath and voila! You've got yourself a Winter appropriate ensemble.

I don't know why, but i've never really liked the knit on knit look, but this season it's beginning to grow on me - kind of like denim on denim, but i'm still opposed to light wash and light wash, at least mix it up. Anyway, the mix of the shiny Disco Pant material with a thin knit top and this chunky Primark cardigan really works in my book and makes for some great Autumn layers. As i said, it's easily adjusted for colder weather just add some extra layers and you'll snug as a bug.



  1. I love this outfit :) You are seriously rocking those disco pants girly!!
    Love Holly x

  2. Absolute babe! You look amazing Kat, love those disco pants ♥ xxx

  3. I always want to scream "Leggings are NOT trousers" on a daily basis at the people I come across. I love your disco pants and that top too xx
    Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage


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