18 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | What I Wear at WDW

My main priority, on a holiday like this, is to be comfortable. Fashion is not at the forefront of my mind but if i can find myself cute outfits that also keep me comfortable then i'm more then obliging.

When it comes to theme parks, being up and about, and generally for practicality i love me some shorts. They don't get in the way, i don't have to worry about flashing my bum and they're still nice and airy in the Florida heat.

Shorts: Boohoo | Tank: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I absolutely love these shorts, i think they're so cute and i love the tartan pattern. They're made of a really light cotton and it pretty much feels like i'm wearing pyjama shorts. They're really loose around the legs, which is perfect, but still cinches me in at my smallest part to enhance my figure which is still appropriate for holiday wear.

I love white tops for holiday because they just go with everything, so it makes it pretty simple getting dressed in the morning. These tanks from H&M are super stretchy and comfortable, which is great for pairing with my shorts.

Shorts: ASOS | Tank: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I love this look, it's still so theme park appropriate but that bright pop of pink really keeps things fun. I feel so Minnie Mouse in this colour! These tanks come in a hundred different colours, so if you are looking for something a little more fun and for a colour to match then definitely check them out. I also really like the thicker straps than strappy tops, i'm not sure why, i just feel a little more supported.

These ASOS jersey shorts were a total impulse buy when i was searching for new clothes to take away with me, but they're so stretchy and comfortable that the impulse totally paid off. They're really light and floaty which is great and i love the fun print on them. It just keeps things from being too far from my own style. I like that i can keep things fun even while i'm away.

Playsuit: River Island | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

I also really, really love playsuits. If you can get over the fact you practically have to strip off to take a wee then you're good to go. They're far easier while i'm away because you don't have to worry about faffing around with tights and it can just slip over your shoulders. I love this one because, again, it's so light. I bought it in the sale last year for only about a fiver and i couldn't understand why people weren't snapping it up because it's just so holiday perfect. It's really easy to get off and on, and i feel like i'm wearing pyjamas. See a trend coming on? I love the fun floral print too, and the gorgeous purple colour. It's just perfect for throwing on for a theme park or to head to the pool.

Playsuit: People Tree | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: ASOS

Another playsuit, but this one's a little more flattering and bit more fitted. This is the kind of thing that still keeps in with my comfortable favourites but it's just a bit more dressy when i want something less theme park for when i'm shopping. It's still really comfortable, beind made from a jersey cotton material and i love the bright colours.

Shoes: Converse All Star Ox Low Optical White

Now, when it comes to Disney you just have to have a pair of comfortable shoes because if you don't, you're screwed. I love, love, love my converse. They just do me so well with the hundreds of miles i walk in the Disney parks and around the shopping malls. They keep my feet cosy and worry free, because i just don't want to risk any sore feet or blisters on a holiday like this one. They're super breathable too, so i never really find a problem in the heat.

These are all outfits i've packed in my suitcase and taken away with me, and they're just exactly what i look for in holiday attire. Make sure to dress comfortably and pack comfy shoes! Oh, and don't forget your sunglasses and a hat - don't want to be getting sun stroke either! Take care of yourself.

All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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