14 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Differences Between Resorts

Disney has three types of resort hotels: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. Each type is still 100% Disney, they're just available so that as many different people can come to visit Disney and have the most comfortable stay possible. Honestly though, i would say in my experience that all Disney resort hotel standard rooms are pretty much the exact same. The only thing that differs is the decor, in and out. All standard rooms include two double beds, or one king, a vanity area with the sink, a bathroom/toilet combo, a TV and usually a desk and chair. Just what you'd need for a holiday away from home, right? So, personally i don't see the point in paying triple the price, in some examples, for basically the exact same room. You spend so little time in it anyway, and everything is always clean and tidy with everything you'd need. I have only stayed in value and moderate resort hotels and the main difference between them is the amount of children. Obviously, the value resorts are built for large families or families who can't afford to pay the rates of the pricier hotels, so value resorts are usually full of children, however i have never found this a problem as i've experienced young couples honeymooning in them too simply because Disney can be a pricey destination, so why not save some pennies? I've never stayed in a hotel i haven't liked and i just can't recommend staying on property enough.

Value Resort: Disney's All Star Music Resort

One of the resort hotels i've chosen to stay in is the All Star Music Resort. If the name doesn't explain it enough, it's a resort based and entirely decorated around the theme of music. Each hotel block is named after a different genre of music, for example: Jazz Inn, Rock Inn & Broadway. Everything is larger than life, literally, with bright colours everywhere and you can't help but feel happy. Everything is so well looked after, everything is easy to get too, it's calm and quiet - besides the pool areas - and there is attention to detail everywhere; can't you see the hidden Mickey in the pictures above? The food court is great too, there are four counters available all serving something different, plus a bakery and a grab & go fridge area. There's something for everyone from pizza, to sandwiches, to tacos. All the food i've ever experienced from any Disney outlet is at the highest standard and really good, so have no fear eating here! (Pun not intended, but welcomed)

Moderate Resort: Port Orleans Resort: French Quarter

Image Sourced from disneyworld.disney.go.com

Port Orleans: French Quarter is probably my favourite resort that i've had the pleasure of staying in, mainly because it's so beautiful. It has a river that runs all along the side of it, and you can even grab a boat from here straight to Downtown Disney and back which is a great advantage. Further up the river is the other half of the Port Orleans resort called Riverside. Riverside is probably the louder, busier section of Port Orleans with French Quarter being very relaxed and calming. It's beautifully decorated with a mardi gras theme, and even has the child orientated characters and styling like the value resorts. The charm of this resort is just a little more adult and there's even a cocktail bar available here for an evening tipple. The food court is exactly the same as the value resorts, so nothing new here. It's excitingly decorated and will keep the kids entertained. I would maybe say that the seating area in this food court isn't quite as large as the All Star offering, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the court itself. The rooms are probably not as bright and gaudy as the value resorts, with cooler tones of blue and purple but otherwise it's exactly the same room. There's plenty of activities here, as you can walk along the river or even cycle it with bicycles for hire. I really enjoyed my stay at this resort and you can pay a little extra to have a river view room if you so desire.

Deluxe Resort: Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Grand Floridian images sourced from Google Images

I have never personally stayed at the Grand Floridian, but you can't miss it as you have to pass it on the way to and from the Magic Kingdom park. It stands out and towers like a castles with it's signature red rooves. I have done a lot of research on the Disney resorts available and have seen plenty of great reviews about this hotel, but it's definitely on the pricey side. The rooms like very similar to those of the value and moderate resorts, they just may come with a little extra room for a sofa and often a balcony but who really needs either when there's so much to see outdoors? I think this seems like a lovely resort, and i would never knock anyone wanting to stay here but i just think that the money could be better spent else where. If you've got the pennies, go for it, but i've found the value and moderate resorts very satisfactory. If you fancy a look at  a Grand Floridian room, take a peek at Jen's hotel room tour from her 2012 WDW vacation starting at 9:23.


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