22 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Things you may not Know or Notice

Walt Disney was a stickler for detail, and that's what Disney has over every other theme park in the world. The attention to detail here is second to none and in actual fact there are thousands of hidden details that you may never know about. Disney love to enhance a guest's holiday as much as possible, so here are some examples of things you may not have known or noticed before.

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Ever noticed that there is actually a slight incline when you're walking up Main Street to the castle? This was added to build excitement and hold the castle as the central hub. When you've had a tiring day at the park, this means you'll be walking on a slight decline so that all the tired families find it a little easier to get home.

Ever noticed just how clean Disney World is? That's because they refuse to sell a certain gooey snack. Chewing Gum will not be sold on WDW property to cut down on gum being stuck all over the parks. Also, a trash can will never be more than 30 steps away from you, Walt was very particular about mess.

When walking up Main Street into the park, take a closer look at the castle. The bricks get smaller as you go up the castle to give a forced perspective to make it seem taller then it really is.

If you're really early in the Magic Kingdom, there are surprises around every corner. Make sure to be the first guests to enter Tinkerbell's gift shop as you will have the honour of 'waking up' Tinkerbell.

In the waiting area of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride you will see the two skeletal pirates playing a game of chess, their game is actually in a stalemate so their game will never be finished.

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On the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, in the Casablanca scene imageneers bought an actual plane and sliced it in half to fit it in the scene. Make sure when next on the Jungle Cruise in MK to look out for the back end of the same plane!

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If you happen to be around the Haunted Mansion at night, be sure to  have a look in the top floor windows. You may well spot the happy haunts playing around.

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While in EPCOT, take a sip of one of the water fountains outside Mouse Gear. They tend to test out their comedy on every guest who grabs a drink.

On Tom Sawyer's Island, every day cast members hide five paintbrushes around the island. If you're one of the first five to find one you'll get a free fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain.

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In the candy shop on Main Street in MK there is an old fashioned phone on the wall, pick it up and listen in to a conversation between a mother and daughter.

In the streets of America in Hollywood Studios, you will find an umbrella leaning high on a lamp post. If you pull the handle of the umbrella down, you will find yourself in your very own Singin' in the Rain scene.

When entering the Muppet Labs for Muppetvision 3D, look to your right and will see a door and on the window it states the staff is out and the key is under the mat. Below the window, there is an actual doormat and if you lift it you will find the key to the door.

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When standing by the bakery on Main Street USA, can you smell the freshly baked cookies? Or what you think is freshly baked goods, in actual fact what you're smelling is scented oils pushed through the fans to give the bakery it the old time bakery scent.

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When flying over California on Soarin' at EPCOT, the golfer who hits that golf ball straight at you is actually a former CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner.

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Thanks for coming along with me for another Disney adventure, back to regularly scheduled programming next!

All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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