28 August 2013

#DUPE | ORLY Oh Cabana Boy

Model's Own Pink Sorbet | ORLY Oh Cabana Boy

ORLY's Oh Cabana Boy is a name and brand i'd heard banded about the beauty community for quite some time. ORLY was a brand i wasn't really aware of but knew that it wasn't very accessible to being that at the time i could only find it in the states - now, of course, it can be found in larger Boots stores. Fleur De Force was the biggest instigator, as she adored the colour and raved about it in several videos. I fell in love with the shade there and then, but it really wasn't something i would usually go for.

I made a mental note to have a look for it while i was in America last Summer, and sure enough while in a Walgreens browsing the drugstore lines i came across and knew it was meant to be. I got it home, tested it out and it was better than i hoped. Gorgeous colour pay off, quick drying and applied like a dream. What was even better was that the colour didn't oxidise on the nails so was practically the same shade in and out of the bottle.

The one downside is that although you can now get it in larger Boots, it's a lot more expensive than it is in the states. So, i just decided on using it sparingly and making a note to pick up another bottle when i travel this Summer. That was until i went to the Westfield Model's Own Bottleshop, in London. There they have every colour imaginable and a great offer, that i can't remember. Five for three or something like that? Anyway, when i clapped eyes on this i immediately thought of Oh Cabana Boy and how similar it was. Well, when i got it home and  tried them out they were almost identical and i knew, again, it was meant to be. Model's Own is only £5 a bottle and has great lasting power, and drying time as well as applying perfectly.

So, if your heart hopes for Oh Cabana Boy, i recommend giving Pink Sorbet a go.


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