20 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Disney Vloggers

If, like me, you get excited for your holiday approximately six months before you leave for said holiday then i think you'll agree it's nice to catch up on what you're missing. Well, that's where Disney vlogs come in. If you simply type in 'Disney Vlogs' or 'Disney Vacation' into Youtube, you'll soon find that vlogging your Disney holiday is actually becoming a 'thing'. For me, this is great because i love watching people enjoying themselves at the same destination i do. So, i'm here to suggest to you two of my favourite Disney vloging channels. Both of these channels are pretty much Disney vlogging only, which just means hours and hours of footage to enjoy.

SeeYaReelSoon is the home of Joey and Ashley, two Disney fanatics like me. They regularly take Disney trips together and vlog their travels.

They do daily Disney vlogs as well as tips and tricks, recently they even embarked on the Draw my Life tag, with their Disney edition. They're so much fun and clearly enjoy each others company which is lovely to watch. I really like that their vlogs are part tour style and part just recording what they're up to. They have a great energy, and quite obviously enjoy showing people their vacation. They stay at lots of different resorts, so show off each one and tell you as much as they know - which is usually a lot - and often do different activities, like renting golf carts and driving around the resort. I recommend them if you're just looking for a bit of fun, and they're easily relatable as a young couple.

Phil, Emma & Ben are exactly who their channel name dictates. Phill, Emma & Ben are a family from the UK who love Disney too. Like me, they've travelled to many of the Disney resorts and documented their time away.

Phil, Emma & Ben have a slightly different feel to Joey & Ashley, they're a young family so they're orientated a little differently. They adore Ben and it's nice to see them getting involved with him and enjoying the Disney experience through a little boy's eyes. They've done a lot of cool activities at Disney that you might not see elsewhere, like parasailing on the seven seas lagoon, Ben has joined the pirates league and Phil even proposed to Emma their. Despite having a child in tow, it's nice to see the parents let loose to, for example Phil did the EPCOT challenge and tried the signature beverage from each country around the world showcase, which was great fun. They've met up with other vloggers and the Disney Mom's Panel and they clearly love sharing their holiday. They have a slightly different vlogging style, with a lot of things being more informative but i enjoy that and it's nice to know how they see things and what they're willing to share.


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