6 January 2012

Hello Kitty x Liberty (Sale Snippet)

As soon as i knew this range would be available, in stores, i just knew i needed something, anything.

Hello Kitty x Liberty Eyeshadow Palette | Boots | £8 £4

I'm not a massive bath products buyer, i'm one of those 'find something you like and stick to it' kinda girls. I've use the same shampoo, shower gel and bath products for goodness knows how long, but i know they work for me, so why fix something that ain't broke? As a student, i didn't wanna splash out on the larger make up sets/kits so found that this little product would make a great addition to my ever growing make up collection.

I've lately become a lot more interested in make up, and interested in trying, and testing, all sorts of products. I've never been super interested in it, and am pretty much a concealer/mascara kinda gal, but as i'm getting older (and probably from watching all these fab vloggers: i'm looking at you Louise) i'm getting a lot more intrigued by the big wide world of colour and texture. My new favourite product is eyeshadow, as i find it can drastically change your look so i'm slowly growing my selection and this will help me figure out what my favourite shades are.

I don't think matte shades suit me, and i generally just don't do matte anything, so lots of shimmer is what i'm after and this little palette keeps me very happy! All eight colours are beautiful, shimmery shades and have lots of pigmentation to keep your eyelids happy. They can be blended together, or used on their own to take you from day to night! I've seen this slipping into the posts of many a favourite blogger, and i'm glad to finally have it in my make up bag!



  1. It looks lovely :) I got some lip glosses from the Liberty collection, love!

  2. Hehehe! So glad you managed to track it down. I too am a makeup kinda girl, I already have far too many bath products/smellies.
    You know the packaging totally stole my heart and the fact it's Liberty AND Hello Kitty together makes it all the more sweet♥ xxx

  3. So cute and some lovely colours :)

  4. I was eyeing up some of these products in boots yesterday but restrained myself as I already had an armful of soap&glory products!! These eyeshadows do look gorgeous and I love the case they come in :) I find that the only eyeshadows that suit me are brown and dark grey so I tend to stick to them :)
    <3 Holz oxo


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