8 January 2012

Ginger Tartan

It's weird posting an outfit with home being the background, but i'm actually now back in Southampton! I've got lots of posts scheduled, so stay tuned for those! Uni, won't be stopping me from blogging as my resolution was to keep up my posts!

So, as much as i love my Mr, he's not exactly the best gift buyer and if i want to receive something that i actually want/would use/like i have to give him a little help; a nudge, if you will. I've found the most productive technique is to produce a list, with a range of prices, styles and items, of things that you wouldn't mind receiving any of, and let them pick what they like the most; everyone's a winner, and it's still a surprise, simple! Of course, i'd love anything that my Mr would choose to give to me and i'm grateful, and appreciative, of him spending his (lack of) money on me.

This Christmas, as i said in a previous post, i thought it would be best to ask for things that i can't normally buy for myself, like, clothes and my Mr picked what he liked; he really does have good taste!

Shorts: Motel via ASOS | Top: H&M | Tights: Primark | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I absolutely adore these shorts, and i'm so glad that my Mr chose them. They're super flattering, and very high waisted; nipping you in, giving you a lovely, curvy figure, even if you're a little lacking in the curves. I've always really wanted to own a tartan skirt, but i find they either come a little short or a little long; and when you do find one that looks wearable, i find them hard to work them into my wardrobe and pair with other things. These, however, have cured all my tartan woes; they're super versatile, and go with so much of my current wardrobe as they have lots of options of colours to pair with. They're also a lot more comfortable than a skirt, and i find i'd wear these to a lot more occasions; they can be dressed up, or down, and can be worn during the day, or night, so the options are endless, as they say!



  1. Great short, I think your Mr did a good job picking out a pair he knew you would love to wear :) xxx

  2. You mentioned that you were a tall girl in the previous post. How tall are you Kat?

  3. i love your sweater and tartan short dear, they are adorable. you look so gorgeous wearing them. love your blog <333

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