23 January 2012

Caramel & Leopard Print

An OOTD for you today, the last one i did while i was at home; with my usual, easy set up but with my new camera (which is far, far better for outfit photos!) My ensemble is pretty much all sale picks, but don't let that fool you into thinking that i got lots from the sales this year because i certainly didn't, and it seems as though all of you weren't very impressed with the turn out either!

Shorts: New Look | Top: New Look | Tights: Primark | Black Long Sleeve Top: H&M | Necklace: Claire's

One of the questions i always think you should ask yourself, whilst sale shopping, when you're not quite sure whether you're getting that bargain, or not, is "would i pay full price for this?" because if the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't be putting it in your basket. No, you shouldn't, put it back. So, when sifting through the racks of tat, going through racks and racks of 14s/16s/18s but then coming across these gorgeous rust coloured shorts, i knew they had to be mine. I almost bought them full price, before i came home for Christmas, so seeing them down to a mere £12 was a complete steal i knew i had to take. I often find my best bargains in the New Look sale, but this year was a struggle to find anything i really loved. However, this little cropped top is actual a size 16 so i thought i was really pushing my luck when i tried it on, but on the contrary i really like the oversized style it creates, especially when tucked into shorts and this was a brilliant example. I love the autumnal tones all mixed together; the browns, nudes, oranges and blacks, and i think it really works, i obviously had to throw on a long sleeve top underneath as it isn't quite arm flaunting weather just yet! I'm wearing one of my three, new favourite lip shades in this post and this one's from NYC called Caramel, number 401. I spent the best part of 2011 searching for the perfect daytime lipsticks, for me, as i'd really like to start wearing more of it as i think it brings a lot to an outfit, and i found three that i adore over two days in 2012. Typical, but it's making me sense that 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year already! I've got posts coming up reviewing all three of my new favourite daytime lippys so keep your eyes peeled, for those.

I finally took the plunge and ordered myself some business cards, that i cannot wait to receive, so i'll flaunt those when they arrive. I had a lot of help from my wonderful Mr making them, but i truly love them and can't thank him enough for all the help, and support, he gives me with everything Legs related! So, if you like what you see, why not hop on over to Banana Business for all your web business related needs?

Another exciting tit bit is that me, and my parents, have booked our Summer holiday for August! Seeing as i've moved out, and away to uni, it'll be nice to spend two weeks with them before i come back in September. I'm sure that me and my Mr will be doing something in the Summer too, depending on how my Mr's job applications turn out, but it's always been a lovely Summer addition for me and my 'rents to go on holiday, and this year is no exception as we're travelling back to Orlando, Florida home of Walt Disney World, Seaworld and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which i'm yet to experience!) We've been almost every year since i was seven, bar probably four or five years and i'm now 19, so i'm no stranger to the sunshine and palm trees of Florida. I'm super excited to return, though, as i've really missed it and sometimes even think of it as a second home, as i've been so often! This time i hope to return home with a wand and with tasting Butterbeer under my belt, the Summer can't come soon enough!



  1. Oh gosh I love this outfit, it really works well together. I like how you've layered the leopard print top with the black long sleeve one underneath, I may be trying this myself!
    Gorgeous shorts, as always you look lovely Kat & summer sounds fab! ♥ xxx

  2. Always jealous of Florida Holidays! Extremely jealous!


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