17 January 2012


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001. I'm here, today, with just a little update post! I feel that Legs is becoming a brilliant place for OOTDs, reviewing products and all things fashion, but it's also nice to write about the every day life of a fashion journalism student, every once in a while!

002. So, i'm back in Southampton ready to embark on semester two, after a lovely Christmas at home and then another 5 day trip home during my first week back down South. At the moment, i'm on a 'feedback week' so only have a few five to ten minute tutorials to get some feedback from my tutors about last semester's work. Other than that i have a lot of free time on my hands, so i'm taking the opportunity to get some bits done that'll be a little more difficult once the semester gets into full swing.

003. It was lovely to spend some much needed time at home over the Christmas break and my little trip home, last week, it was full of family, friends and not thinking about University! Since not going home, at all, last semester it'll be lovely to take some trips home, during semester two, so Uni life doesn't feel so far away from home! It's nice to have the space to get away and will break up a full on term up a little.

004. In just over a months time i'm going to Paris on a trip with Uni, with some of the girls on my course and some students from the other Journalism degrees. Paris is the city of dreams, for fashion student, so it'll be amazing to see the city at it's full potential as Paris Fashion Week will be in full swing, while we're there. Now, i'm not expecting to be sitting frow at any catwalk shows but it'll be amazing to see the sights, and sounds, of the city while fashion is all around. Keep your eyes peeled for some Paris related posts coming up, very soon, including what to wear and things to see.

005. My business cards arrived! I'm so happy with the design, they look fab; i'm always a little worried that something won't look the same as it does onscreen but these are exactly what i wanted, so i'm very happy. I bought mine from Moo and went for the mini card option, as i think they're just a bit different; they're probably a little smaller than i had imagined, but they're just what i needed for now (handing out in Paris, maybe?) Maybe when i next decided to get some, and for when i'm going to be needing them on a regular basis for jobs/internships, more seriously, then i'll go for a business card but for now, i'm in love!

006. Blogging is coming high on my prorities list, this year (besides Uni work, of course!) so make sure to watch out for post on everything from beauty reviews to outfit of the days.



  1. Good look with uni work lovely :D
    And ENJOY Paris, I love the place so much!!
    x x x

  2. Oh my I am so jealous of your trip to Paris! Be sure to take plenty of snaps, I dream of going to Paris one day ♥ The mini cards sound fab! xxx


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