25 January 2012

Caramel 401

NYC Caramel 401

As i said in a previous post, i've been lucky enough to find three perfect daytime lipstick shades at the beginning of this year, or what there has been of it so far.

My first lucky find was this gorgeous bronzey, red tone from NYC, called Caramel. While i was browsing my local Superdrug branch to pass the time and searching for that ever misleading perfect lipstick shade, i came across NYC that's a dirt cheap make up brand, so i wasn't expecting to find anything of any worth. However, i thought it best to look at the lippys as i'm so in-search of my colour, and they actually had some lovely shades. Buying this product was a total gamble, as many of their testers had either been lost, stolen or smooshed right to the bottom of their sticks, but on colour alone i decided to give this a go and i'm so glad i did. It's the perfect sort of there colour, because it gives of a gorgeous shimmery red/bronze on the lips, but sort of just enhances your natural lip. The only thing that lets this product down is the packaging, as the lid isn't super secure and the branding has a little to be desired but for £1.49, i can't really complain.



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