11 January 2012

Park Avenue

NYC Park Ave Nail Polish

For Starters, this polish was only £1.79 so overall, it was a total bargain whatever i have to say about it! It also comes out as a much more grey/purple than the brown it looks in the above photograph. I was really excited to try this as the price is a total bargain, and the colour is really sweet but overall, i probably wouldn't buy this product again. The colour is lovely and pretty opaque after two coats, but i put on three to get the full coverage colour, for my accent nail but this polish took twice as long to dry as the Models Own Champagne colour i chose to paint the rest of my nails. Slow drying nail polish is a real pet peeve of mine, and i tend to stick to the brands that i know don't take very long to dry; such as Models Own and Rimmel. The colour is a gorgeous icy purple/grey and can be applied smoothly and evenly, but is a little transparent after one coat. It's a shame it takes so long to dry because i really love the colour, but i'd only use this now when i know i have plenty of time to paint my nails (which isn't very often, sadly!)


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