28 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Essie

When Essie came on the scene probably a couple of years ago now, i didn't really jump on the bandwagon. After a few months, i picked up a shade or two and i fell in love with the super quick dry time. I can't even remember the first shades i picked up but i wasn't until the end of last year that i really jumped on that bandwagon, and now i can't get enough. I want them all.

The shade that really started this love affair i picked up probably at the beginning of last year and it's called Splash of Grenadine. It was like no other colour that i had in my collection, and it just really suited my pale skintone. I love that it's a pink toned purple, because i love purple but i'm really not a pink kinda gal so this just really suited my tastes and like i said, the dry time is amazing.

For Christmas, my lovely mum bought me the Winter 2013 mini collection and i really re-lit my love for the brand. It contained: Parka Perfect, Shearling Darling and Toggle to the Top. I have to admit that dark red is not a colour that i wear all that much, it's really a Winter/Christmas colour for me. Parka Perfect, however, i love. It's such a lovely grey/blue shade with a really subtle shimmer, and it was a lovely icey Winter colour and will take me all the way through Spring too.

Since, i've dove in head first and bought a couple of new shades named Sable Collar, It's Genius and a glitter topcoat called Set in Stone. In the bottle Sable Collar looks like a really strange, unique colour. It kind of looks like a red toned brown with lots of golden shimmer running through but when applied to the nails it's really not as exciting and actually just looks more brown, which i find to be a bit dull. It's not my favourite but i have a feeling it'll come back in next Autumn/Winter. However, one that i really love is It's Genius. It's just a beautiful berry toned pink and it'll work all year round. As i've said before, i really don't suit nudes all that much so for me this kind of works as a neutral for me that goes with a lot. I've got quite a few glitter topcoats in my collection, all from Models Own but one thing that really irritates me about them is that the glitter doesn't evenly spread across the nail and ends up looking patchy but Set in Stone is amazing. It's so easy to apply and evenly distributes, and it's full of larger hexagonal pieces mixed with lots of little pieces too. It's amazing and i can already sense that i'm going to need to buy another one soon enough!


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  1. You picked some lovely shades! Splash of Grenadine is by far the prettiest colour. I love it


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