17 March 2014

#Fearne's Playlist

I actually really enjoy reading posts about people's playlists and favourite songs of the moment, because it gives me inspiration for my own playlist. If you were wondering, Fearne is the name of my car. I'm not like a die hard music listener and tend to listen to it most in the car or when i'm travelling, so generally my music taste is judged on whether it'll be a good song to sing along to in my car.

My favourite types of music are catchy, sometimes cheesy songs that i can blast in and sing to, and since while i'm at university i don't get to drive around in my little Fearne because she's at home, i decided to share with you what i would be listening to if i was at home. I miss her! So here are my top five favourite songs at the moment:

Let Me Go - Gary Barlow | If you didn't know, i'm a huge Take That fan (minus Robbie) and i come back time and time again to classic Take That songs. I wasn't a huge fan of Gary on his own, but i do like his tone and fell in love with his version of Here Comes the Sun last year or the year before. I first heard this song when he performed it at the Royal Variety with a huge band of people that filled the stage, and it was so catchy. They looked like they were having a great time and it really lifted my spirits, and it's one of those songs that is easy to pick the words up and sing along so it was downloaded pretty soon after. I haven't heard it played all that much around so i'm not sure whether it's been released yet officially, i never pay attention to that but if you haven't heard it you should definitely give it a listen. I imagine it to be a great Summer tune.

Love is on the Radio - Mcfly | I've been listening to this song for months and i still can't get enough. It's just so darn catchy, and i am loving the new Mcfly stuff. They just seem to get better with age! I've loved Mcfly all the way from Five Colours in her Hair. I remember them releasing that song, and seeing them play it all over the TV. They just seem to be such approachable, friendly guys and don't even get me started on Mcbusted!

Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield | I originally heard this song as a cover by someone on Youtube, and it was a really fun, uplifting song but i'd never heard it before. I thought i'd check it out on iTunes and found it was a Natasha Bedingfield number. I haven't heard anything from her in a long time, and once i was actually supposed to go see her in concert with my friend but she had to cancel so i never did. This one has a lovely message, and again it's nice to sing too. She's not got my most favourite voice in the world, but i really like the song so can forget about that.

Happy - Pharell Williams | This song i actually heard on an advert, and that actually happens a lot with me - i hear things on the TV and then Google what they are. I've never seen Despicable Me or know anything about it, so didn't know that that's where this song was from but man is it catchy! It's just so fun and bouncy, and this is a real car tune if ever i heard one!

Easy - Sheryl Crow | If you didn't know, i am a huge country fan. I love me some Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum, and Sheryl Crow is one of those classic country singers. I was just browsing the country section on iTunes one day as i fancied something new and came across her new album. It has some really nice, easy listening songs on it which i really like. They're just a lot of fun, and again this is a real Summer, breeze through your hair, sunglasses on kind of song.


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