12 March 2014

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist

When i was in London last month, i was in Covent Garden and i needed somewhere to shelter from the rain that seems to be plaguing the country. The closest shop that interested me happened to be the Body Shop, which happens to be one of my favourites. However, it never really ends well for the bank balance.

One of my all time favourite scents ever is the Satsuma range from the Body Shop, and a couple years ago they came out with the Body Mists in some of their scents. I bought my mum the Pink Grapefruit because she loves that scent, but never got around to buying myself the Satsuma. I kept telling myself i didn't need it and it was a little pricey but here i was, browsing the Satsuma section while the rain poured outside and i couldn't stop myself any longer. As a body mist, it doesn't last all day but they do sell a perfume which would last longer, but i just love applying this as i run out the door as a little pick me up refresher. It's just so refreshing, and lovely, and it'll also be perfect for the Summer. It smells like juicy, ripe satsumas, citrusy and yummy. If you love the Satsuma range, or any of their scent ranges for that matter, i highly recommend taking a look at their perfumes and body mists. They're a little pricier than other places but they're delicious and come in beautiful glass bottles.


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  1. Oh I have these in strawberry and vanilla, love them! xxx



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