3 March 2014

#NOTM | Nails of the Month: FEBRUARY

I'm back for another month of what i've been wearing on my nails. I'm so proud that i've remembered to keeping snapping pictures when i've painted them! Things have been a little different this month, compared to last, i was feeling a lot more into neutrals and keeping things plain, mostly. So, here's what i've been wearing.

1. Mavala Platinum Marble

After going for all the flashy shades and glitter last month, i just wanted to start the month off with something simple. I've been dying to try this shade since i got it in my advent calendar, before Christmas. It's such a pretty shade that's different form a neutral, as real nude shades don't suit me and my pale skin. I love the shimmery finish and it's slight purple tinge, plus i love that it goes with everything. It dried beautifully quick, and i did give it three coats as after two  you could just see a little light through my nails and that really bugs me, but that's probably because it's such a dark shade.

2. Models Own Mystic Mauve

I love this colour in the bottle, i think it's really unique and again it's a nice, easy shade to wear - a little different but still fairly neutral. I love how metallic it is, this is the sister shade to my absolute go to Models Own Champagne. I love the finish and the drying time. Something that really annoyed me about this colour was that i am a very messy painter. I get it all around my nails, on my skin, and then i clean it up with a cue tip (is that how you spell it?!) But when i went back to clean this, where i had to touched my nail with the polish remover had removed the purple and just left a silver. It did look a little ridiculous having silver edges, and that puts me off trying it again but i love the result! Maybe i should learn not to be so messy.

3. Essie Buy me a Cameo

I think i wore this manicure for a day. I painted it and automatically knew there was just something that i didn't like. I love this colour, and was obsessed with it all last Summer. But now, i don't know what it is, but i'm not sure it suits me. I'm wondering whether it's my pale skintone and maybe in Summer i might get a little more colour but i took it after about a day. It's a shame because i love the colour, the pearly finish and we all know Essie kill with application and drying time. I'm thinking i'm going to give it another go nearer the Summertime.

4. Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise with Essie Set in Stones Accent Nail

I went home for a week this month, away from university, so wanted to wear something that i knew would go well with all the clothes i was taking home with me. As i was getting a little time away from university, i decided to go with something a little more fancy and went for this amazing pewter shade that i haven't worn all too much since i bought at the end of last year. It's got a beautiful, almost textured finish thanks to the heavy glittery shimmery finish and i think it's a really unique colour. To keep things exciting i went back to my new glitter love, from Essie. It just applies amazingly and the glitter is so even! I had to have an accent index finger this time as, thanks to the weather, my nails are breaking all over the place!

5. OPI I Have a Herring Problem

This is a shade that i have fallen in love with and i need it in my collection. I pinched this from my mum while i was at home, as my last manicure chipped. I love blue and i wear a lot of it, and this just has a little something different. It kind of has a little teal tinge to it and it was actually a really nice neutral for me. It goes with everything, but the subtle silver shimmer just keeps it a little bit exciting. As for typical OPI it dries like a dream and is super easy to apply, they are pricey but my goodness are they worth it!

6. OPI The Spy who loved Me

This was a little out of my comfort zone as i never, ever wear red nail polish. Occasionally at Christmas, but this was a lot brighter and bolder than i usually go for. It's a real show stopper with it's true red base and gold glitter running through it. There's really little to say about this one, apart from that i love it but it's not something i'd go for frequently however, i did enjoy going for something different after wearing neutrals all month.

What have you been wearing this month?


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