14 March 2014

Taking the Plunge: Mavala

I had a taste of Mavala Nail Polish in 2012, when i received one in my advent calendar running up to Christmas. I received a really deep red shade, with a cream finish and it was perfect for the season but it's not an all year 'round shade, and i get a little bored of the cream finish. I'm all about the metallics and the shimmers. So, this Christmas i was lucky enough to be given these four shades in my advent calendar and they're all beautiful.

They've all got that metallic, shimmery finish and i love that i've got a great shade range. What i love is that they're only little bottles, i mean how often can you say you finish a polish before it goes dry or gloopy or you get bored of it. It means that it's much more likely for me to get through it. They apply beautifully, it's smooth and even, and what's most important to me is that it dries super fast. I love that! They only take two coats to be pretty opaque, although sometimes i give it three to be extra sure.

I think i've fallen truly in love with Platinum Marble, it's the perfect neutral shade and it goes with everything. When applied, it looks like a beautiful grey shade tinged with purple, which just makes it that little bit different to other shades. Dakar isn't something that i'd automatically go for, as i'm not huge into pink, but i actually really love this colour. It's perfect for Spring, and applies as a lovely light bubblegum pink but it's not like your usual pastel, which i like. It's kind of like a hot, light pink. Vertigo Red is almost exactly like the cream shade i received for Christmas last year, but in shimmery form which i'm very happy about because this is my go-to Autumn/Winter shade. It's a beautiful burgundy colour that has a slight edge of pink, keeping it from being too dark. I'm so excited to wear Cadiz this Summer. There's something about wearing orange in the Summer that i just love, and this is a lovely deep, bright orange. It's not like a bright Summer orange, it's a little more on the burnt side but to me that makes it all the more wearable!

I'm looking forward to dabbling more into Mavala, as it seems to be getting more popular.


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  1. I really like Mavala polishes, their small bottles are cute and the polishes are great quality. I am loving the look of Vertigo Red


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