31 December 2011


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So, it's finally the end of this fabulous year; where has time gone!? When i was younger, i was told that 'the older you get, the quicker time would speed' and i remember thinking "How can that be? Time is time!" But they couldn't have been more right! I can't believe another year has been and gone, and what a wonderful year it's been. I'm not one for looking back and saying 'what a rubbish year, i hope 2012 will be much better' I'm just grateful for everything that i've been blessed with, and am looking forward to the following.

My 2011 highlights probably started with my 19th birthday, spent with my loved ones and best, best friends. I can't believe 2012 will see me turning twent(een)y, this getting older business is getting quicker and quicker. I find that the Spring months are lovely, but full of just pottering along and finding your feet in the new year, so April is usually the first milestone of my year. Before that, this year was really spent tooing and froing from Southampton, to visit the Mr, and working my ass off for my Final Major Project, at college. However, i did embark on a college trip to Amsterdam, earlier on in the year, that all i really remember is feeling freezing all the time and being absolutely overloaded with art. Oh, and thinking that Amsterdam was a little dull and all looked the same, not the most exciting city i've ever been to. Another favourite moment from 2011 was also college related, and was the moment i attended my own Private View knowing that i was finished, and that i'd passed with a Merit, more than i could have hoped. Goodbye college! Seeing my lovely Mr turn 21 was a special moment for me, and being able to share it with him and his fabulous family. 21! Can you believe it? I'm so proud of him and he's become such an important part of my life, and my year, that i don't know where i'd be without him. He's too wonderful for words! Starting university was probably my greatest achievement of the year, and i'm so happy to be where i am; i'm enjoying my course immensely, and am so grateful for everything that i'm learning. Since starting in Southampton, blogging has been forced into my life more and more, which i couldn't be more grateful for as it was getting a little slack; i've had so many opportunities from this little piece of internet, and i'm so, so proud. The latest highlight of my year was attending my Mr's brother's wedding; to some, it may not seem like a big deal but being able to share in such a special day with him, and his family, meant so much to me and it was such an amazing day.

There have been so many important people in my life this year, that there's no way i could name them all but most of you should know who you are; so the few i'll mention are, obviously, my Mr, mainly for just being there, for being the understanding, thoughtful, caring person he is, and for being my biggest support. Another person who i am so thankful to have met, is my fabulous university bestie Nicole; she really is one of a kind, a wonderful friend and like my equivalent. She's been such a support the past 3 months, and i'm lucky to have her in my life, here's to many more months together and to sharing our flat next year! A few more names i must drop in here are the ladies i've met through the blogging community; Alice, Michelle, Law and Fiona, to name but a few! These are some of the loveliest ladies i've ever met, and are so like minded that it's great to meet people who understand about the blogging world, and collectively inspire me to keep blogging and really build on who i'm growing into, so thank you girls!

So, all in all this has been a year to be proud of, and i'm thoroughly looking forward to what's ahead. There have been ups and downs, like no other, but feeling myself blossom into myself is something that i'll never forget witnessing, and something even more great is feeling me and my Mr grow in sync; we may be in very different moments of our lives but it's so special how we continue to support each other and make it work for us, and i so can't wait for whatever the future will bring us, and wherever it may take us.

I'm never one for making resolutions as i rarely keep them, but this year i'd like to have a few guides to keep to, at least:

- I'd like blogging to carry on being a big part of my life; and to use the skills that i'm learning at university to translate to Legs, so i can create some writing i'm really proud of.

- I vow to grab every opportunity that comes my way, and to create opportunities for myself, searching for prospects for my future career.

- I'm going to support my Mr all that i can, and plan to work on our relationship to keep us growing together (and also to celebrate our three year anniversary in style!)

- I hope to begin better saving, to put towards my future.

- This year, i'd like to do a 365, in which i take a photo a day to commemorate 2012.

- Overall, to keep happy, and positive, and to keep living my life to the full.

What are your resolutions going to undertake? I hope you all have a very happy New Year, whatever you may be doing and i hope 2012 is good to you! I will be spending my New Year just the way i like it, with my lovely Mr.

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  1. I hope you have a very happy new year my lovely :)
    Enjoy yourself tonight and keep smiling :D
    x x x

  2. Your writing style is really becoming your own Kat. I'm so glad I found you, sometimes I feel all alone in the blogging world (no one in real life really gets it) but I actually feel like I can turn to you for advice and inspiration :)
    I think we have a lot in common, please know I'm always here if you ever need anything! xxx


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