17 December 2011

Christmas is Here: Gift Guide Pt 1

With it being the Season of giving, i though that in my Christmas is Here series i'd add in a couple of gift guides that are a little different to usual.

This first part is aimed at your Secret Santas. I hate Secret Santa. Sod's law says you will never get who you want; because you know you've been thinking about who you want to pick out of that damn hat, and you've been racking your brains and have come up with that perfect gift in the ridiculous budget for the person you wish you would pick. Nuh uh. Not gonna happen; you'll pick that guy that works on the 4th floor that you've smiled once over the coffee machine. Excellent. So, here's my fail proof guide to Secret Santa.

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The dreaded £5 limit makes us all tap our heads, because frankly you can't buy anything for £5 these days, but i've done the hard work for you and scoured the web to bring you the best items for under a fiver. These hangover bags are the best idea i've ever come across for a Secret Santa gift, because i'm sure we all know a fair few hangover sufferers. I found them in my local Whittard, so i'm sure you could steer around the delivery charge and search in your own Whittard branch. Sweets never go a miss at Christmas, especially if they're a classic, like these flying saucers. There are plenty of retro sweet sites online, as well as sites selling american style sweets so use your google search engine to find that perfect sweet for your Secret Santa. For the women in your team/flat, wherever you are, make up is always a good call. Just because you have a small budget, doesn't mean you have to scrimp on a rubbish make up brand that no-one's ever heard of. Models Own polishes are £5 a bottle, incapsulating every colour under the sun and can be found in many larger Boots stores and despite ELF make up being dirt cheap, it's a well known brand and the quality is quite the opposite to the price. Gloves. Everyone needs gloves, so you can't go far wrong there!

With the a an increase in the budget, you're given a little more leeway, however it can still be a complete pain the arse finding that generic gift that whether you know them or not, it can still be enjoyed. Hot chocolate, and a fab brand like Whittard, is always a lovely gift, especially in Winter. Add in some marshmallows, some cellophane and some ribbon, and you've got yourself a gift good for any colleague. Music and DVDs can often but specific to an individual, but something like the Inbetweeners is comedy and could be enjoyed by an array of people, but maybe not someone who's a prude.. or doesn't find sex jokes funny.. But Bruno Mars can be enjoyed my all sorts of people, as my mum and i both enjoy his music. Stationary is used by everyone, whatever they do, whether it be for work, studying or just your weekly shopping list so notepads, pens, letter paper, etc is always a good idea if you're stuck. There are so many lovely designs out there, on the high street, now you're bound to find something you like, try Paperchase as they're full of quirky designs. Moisturisers are said to be insulting gifts, but i think that a good moisturiser can be enjoyed by women, and men, but if you're uncomfortable giving a man moisturiser, try shaving products. *I know this Burt's Bees product is above £10 but i couldn't resist putting it in with a male counterpart, it would have looked lonely otherwise and i can vouch that the Burt's Bees body butters smell divine!

If you have a larger budget, lucky you (or not?) Anything over a tenner, i would say that Itunes/Apple App vouchers are a brilliant idea. It means that the person you're giving it to can choose what they like, i think they're brilliant for all occasions.

I hope this helps, Happy shopping!


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  1. Ooh I've been left out of Secret Santa fun this year, I've just gone ahead and bought everyone a little something! They're all such perfect ideas for gifts, I might pick up a few little bits to bulk up my brother's present (: Hope you're enjoying home! xx


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