19 December 2011

Christmas is Here: Gift Guide Pt 2

Part two of my Christmas gift guide, in the Christmas is Here series, may be a little controversial (but probably not to my readers!) I think that shopping for males is dull, boring and frankly very difficult, so i thought it'd be a lot more fun to create something you can show your boyfriends/husbands/dads to tell them exactly what you want: so welcome, boys, to my Here Come The Girls gift guide!

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Frankly, men have it easy when it comes to christmas; we don't ask for much, we leave hints throughout the year, i mean, how much easier does it get?! Us girls love Topshop, it's a fact of life and i think we all need to just come to terms with it. They have an array of items that we'd love to find under our Christmas tree; why not try a snuggly Christmas jumper? There are so many gorgeous fairisle prints that we go ga ga for, plus they'll keep us snug this Winter. There are so many other ways to keep us warm this season, why not try gifting a hot water bottle or one of those faux fur stoles that we seem to be going crazy for. If you don't fancy having to sell a major organ to buy your loved one the Topshop stole, try raiding the rest of the high street, they're all over the place. This lovely hooded dressing gown looks so sweet, and will be perfect for lounging around in this festive season. However, if you fancy something a little more seductive, why not gift your partner some silky underwear: like this gorgeous bralet, that can be worn under sheer tops as well as in the bedroom. It's quite fair to say that often enough, a way to a girl's heart is through her feet, and if she finds these little beauties in her stocking, i think you'll be keeping her sweet! New Look is another high street brimming with Christmas gifts just waiting to be opened, why not dress your Mrs for your Christmas doos so you'll be proud to have her hanging off your arm. This golden sequin dress will be sure to stop people in their tracks and get them looking at you. Socks. Everyone loves socks, i certainly do, and if they have a cute print then we'll sure to be in love.

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Candles are used throughout this season, and us girls love them all year round too so why not try these Jelly Belly tin candles? They come in a variety of scents, but this Very Cherry one smells delicious, like the real thing. They'll always be a hit! These Motel Jordan Jeans are a bestseller and have been flying off the metaphorical shelves, so if you could steal your girl a pair of these she's sure to be a very happy Christmas bunny. They can be worn over and over throughout the season for easy chic, and then for the rest of the year to be worn various ways. Despite the way to a girl's heart being through her feet, you can also find a detour through her wrist. Now, i'm going to say this once and once only, if you by the female in your life a Mulberry bag, you will forever be held in the highest respect and be loved forever more. Honestly. I'm not joking, take this advice to heart and remember well. Mulberry bags are coveted throughout the fashion blogging elite and filters out to the most fashion conscious females, and beyond. This Alexa is in a beautiful deep blue and will go with everything, so no need to take excuses like but i also need one in cream because then it will go with my favourite dress.. Well.. Maybe not. I found Lily Loves Lola through Kim's blog and fell in love instantly. The adorable charms can be worn, and kept, so many ways and any girl would love to receive a little token of love, like these. For a cute, special stocking filler why not go for one of these, and starting at £1.80, you really can't go wrong. Models Own is a brand that i love, as you can probably tell from my previous posts and the new Beetlejuice collection is something that i am dying for, lets hope Santa brings me some pennies to by some with after Christmas! You can buy a variety of sets from their online site for cheap as chips, and i'm sure that whoever you're buying for would love to decorate their fingers and toes this Christmas, how festive. All women love jewellery and Accessorize is a brilliant way to start, this gorgeous aztec style necklace would be fab to make anything a little more special this party season, so why not have a browse and choose something your partner would love (every girl has a style!) I love pyjamas. You love pyjamas. We love pyjamas. We all love pyjamas, so if you go that extra mile and pick some fancy sets, you're bound to go down in history as a damn good boyfriend/husband/partner/dad.

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Mmm, fancy chocolates never go a miss! These Charbonnel et Walker are some of the fanciest chocolates i've ever seen, and my mum absolutely adores these pink chocolate champagne truffles. They're great for a stocking filler, if you're going all out, or simply as a sweet gesture for under the tree. Pink chocolates, who's not to love them! Women of all ages and professions use watches, so some glitzy arm candy, i'm sure, won't be sniffed at. Go for something chic, black and bling to get the girls hanging on your every word; us? Materialistic? Really? You should obviously make sure the giftee already owns a charm bracelet, or you're going to look a bit foolish handing over a charm for a charmless wrist, unless of course you're adding in the bracelet too? Well then, you're sure to be on to a winner. When it comes to charms, always go for something girly and personal, we don't want rubbish hanging from our wrists but memories and things we can look at and remember. Ted Baker really does know how to cut a fine purse, and this is no different. Mock croc is timeless, and in purple, like this, it'll get you bang up to date and bang on trend. These purses are as iconic as the infamous LV, so you'll be loved handing one of these over. Bootie slippers are cute and comfortable, we may act as though they're hideous and we're totally fashion conscious, but we're half lying and as long as they're cute we're happy to snuggle up in our new Victoria Secret pyjamas and booties to keep warm, this Winter. We all love perfume, so it's an obvious gift, but please, make sure you know what we like before you go out on a whim and guess! Every girl has a signature scent and something we know we love, so make sure you give it some research. However, i definitely recommend Viva la Juicy and The One! Delicious. Not everyone has heard of Jack Wills, but they're over the top prices have kept them selling to the elite. However, i am a great fan of their underwear as it's bright, fun and insanely comfortable. It's preppy and trendy, so the girls will love it. The blazers are absolutely to die for but completely bankrupting so make sure you know her size BEFORE you buy?

I hope this has given a few ideas, or at least got the juices flowing, but you better get a move on!


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