15 December 2011

REVIEW: Models Own Make Up

As i explained in my Clothes Show post, at the Models Own stand at Clothes Show Live, if you bought three products for £10 you got a free make up bag full of goodies and i was dying to try the Models Own make up out, so i thought i'd bring it home with me to give a real go, now i have time! I haven't reviewed everything, as because i bought 6 products i got two goody bags so plenty of products, but not everything was to my taste (Such as lime green eyeliner? Who thought that was a good idea!?) But these are the products i liked the best, and wanted to try out, and thought that you would be interested the most! Maybe it'll entice you to give the brand a go.

Models Own Eyeshadow Duo in Pretty Baby RRP: £5

When i first looked at this eyeshadow duo, i originally thought it was a gold and a silver, but when i brushed the surface with my finger the silver turned more into a definite blue, which put me off a little but i gave it a go despite that. They're beautifully shimmered, but not highly pigmented. If you wanted an equally coloured and shimmery shadow, this probably isn't for you but i am a great loved of shimmer first with a hint of colour on the lid. The blue doesn't come out as a garish colour, when applied, but a beautifully cool shade, high in shimmer and the other creamy, golden colour comes out as a gorgeous warm colour. I very much love this product, as they're perfect me and not too highly pigmented but just a beautiful shine.

Models Own Lip Balm in Fuchsia Full, Ballet Pink & Glass RRP: £5

I adore this product! They're a lovely, soft texture that comes out as a sort of gel but feels very creamy on the lip, making me feel as though i'm doing some good while wearing it. As a lip balm, it feels very moisturising as opposed to other brands of colour balms. I was a little scared to try out the Fuchsia Full balm as i'm not a great lover of bright make up, i don't really think it's very me, but when i gave this a go it definitely is highly pigmented but it doesn't come out so scary on the lip. For starters, it smells divine; a gorgeous, fresh, fruity smell that reminds me of cherries, and frankly anything that smells of cherries is a winner in my book. Because of the high shine and seriously glossy finish, the colour becomes so much more wearable for day to day, for an evening look to give you an alternative to a lipstick. The Ballet Pink balm smells a lot softer, sort of like a soap but it isn't unpleasant, quite the opposite. It isn't as highly pigmented as the Fuchsia lip colour, but it's full of shimmer. You can definitely see a pink tint to the lip, which brings lovely colour and helps to brighten the face. Again, it's a fab product and creates a gorgeous look. The glass balm is a totally different texture to the other two, more of a gloopy consistency that isn't very appealing in the pot, i much prefer the hardness of the other two products but when put on the lip it does exactly what it says on the pot, and creates a glass look to the lip. Despite that, it does feel very sticky and heavy when applied that doesn't feel very nice to wear, so i don't think i'll get much use out of that one. However, the pink balms are both fab and will be using them throughout the festive season.

Models Own Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha RRP: £5

I am not a fan of these sorts of shadows, i just find the messy and a pain to get the right amount of product on the brush, for the look you want. I have many Barry M Dazzle Dusts but never use them for this reason, so was reluctant to give this a go but i really like the colour so tried it anyway. I was not disappointed with the colour! It doesn't come out as a deep brown, as i thought it would but as a gorgeous, warm bronze shade that's brimming with shimmer. It has more colour than the shadow duo, but still isn't intensely pigmented, which is perfect for me. However, the style of product just isn't to my taste; the product was very full so when i patted the brush to the surface it when all over the surface it was stood on and piled onto the brush that would have resulted in shadow all over my face but when i tried to reduce the product on the brush, it practically took it all off, so it was hard to get an in-between amount. I do like the colour, so i would consider using it again for that reason.

Models Own 2-in-1 Lengthen & Curl in Black RRP: £6

I was interested to try this mascara as i'm always looking for a good one, as i explained in my Scandaleyes Review post, i have very small, thin lashes that i generally have a bad relationship with so i am determined to look for something to help combat that. I'm not a fan of curved brushes, as i find them difficult to use and this was no different. I found the bristles to also be quite hard, and scratchy that, if you get too close to the lash line, can be a little painful. However, the mascara itself seemed to be pretty good; it dried fairly fast making it quick and easy to apply, and easy to build up. The brush did help to separate the lashes and lengthen them a little, but it separated them so much that they probably looked thinner, i personally prefer a thicker lash. However, overall the actual mascara was nice and was easy to apply, so if it had a thicker wand i'd probably prefer it.

Models Own Glitter Eye Pencil in Too Turquoise RRP: £5

If you're after a highly pigmented liner, then this is your brand. This gorgeous turquoise/teal colour comes out beautifully on the eye, probably not really my colour because it's so bright but it definitely does it's job well. However, if you use the smudger on the opposite end it helps to alleviate some of the colour, and creates a luscious smudged style, perfect for a smokey eye effect. Something i really like about this liner is that it has a beautiful glitter to it, in the pencil, and usually liners like this have shimmer in the pencil but not on the eye, but this definitely does show, which i love. It's a lovely, soft, creamy texture which makes it incredibly easy to apply as much, or as little, as you wish so despite it being a little bright for me, it's a fab product.

Models Own Lipgloss in Tangerine & Red Hot RRP: £5

These glosses are beautifully glossy, but aren't too sticky or heavy, perfect! Something that i find difficult about wearing red lipstick, is that because i'm pale the stark red looks a little bright against my skin-tone whereas this lovely red lipgloss is lovely. It's super shiny, and glossy, which helps the colour to be less harsh on the lip. It's fairly high in pigmentation but because of the fab gloss, it isn't too harsh but comes out as a gorgeous softened colour. They smell really sweet too, that's very appetising! I've always wanted to give orange lips a go, and this is the perfect way to ease myself in. Like the red gloss, it's intense in shine so the colour, despite being very pigmented, is a lot easier to wear. There isn't too much to say about this product as it does it's job very well, and the colour is great so i definitely recommend these too!

This was a great way for me to give the Models Own make a go, and it's definitely given me the bug to try some more of their products. It was a lot more than i expected and i was very impressed by all that i tried out. What about you, have you ever tried Models Own make up, besides their polishes? What did you think?


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  1. Such a useful post. I've used Models Own nail varnishes for a while but never their make up. I was actually in Boots on Monday standing in front of the display wondering if I should risk buying anything because I didn't know what the quality was like. Great to know what you think of it. I really like the sound of the eyeliner and lipbalms.


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