23 December 2011

Thursford Christmas Spectacular

On Monday 19th December, my family, my Mr & i took our yearly journey to the Thursford, in Fakenham, Norfolk.

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular is described as "the biggest and most exciting Christmas show of all time", and is held annually in the depths of Norfolk, UK. The show is full of singing, dancing and festive cheer, and will be sure to put you in the Christmas mood. People of all ages attend this show from coach loads of OAPs to young couples and children, however they do have a rule that says children under the age of 8 aren't permitted. As a child of the Thursford phenomenon, my parents have been going year after year, even before i was born, the wait is well worth it, so don't be down beat!

The show is split into two halves, of which the first half is lively, often modern, and aimed at children, laughing and the child inside of all of us. There's plenty of dancing, singing and joke telling to keep you smiling for weeks, and if you're lucky you might even spot Father Christmas! For a Thursford veteran, like myself, you know that there are treats and surprises, throughout the show, and you'll be spoilt with those as a newbie. Without being too over the top, or too untraditional, they include the audience in their festive activity, if only when the choir spread themselves throughout the stalls, but i won't spoil too much as this is a spectacle you really must see for yourself.

The second half turns more traditional, more instrumental and singing based, but it's still kept fun and frivolous with the orchestra dancing in their seats and dances gracing the stage for the more upbeat numbers. There's a very energetic percussionist that occasionally takes centre stage to show off his incredible talent, and to amaze you. Thursford wouldn't be itself without the Wurlitzer Organ, played by organist supreme Phil Kelsall, who's also played the stage of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. He plays along with the songs, and orchestra, but also given the opportunity to show what a whizz he really is and plays supremely in front of your very eyes, on the big screens.

Throughout the show to keep things down to earth, and to remind us why we're all there, readings are read from the bible, from poems or from stories to spread the Christmas cheer in the most traditional way.

I love attending this spectacular every year, and it's become a family tradition that my Mr has now been brought into too. It's a really special custom for us, and i'll be taking my family there for years to come, i hope.

Go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular page to read everything you need to know about booking seats, as they go well in advance of the next years shows. They're performed from mid-November to the end of December so there's plenty of time for you to go.

What are your Christmas traditions?


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  1. Awwww Kat how I've missed your posts! I love Christmas time, it really is the best time for spending with family and loved ones <3
    This sounds like a great show, so much for everyone and lots of fun by the looks of it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas darling xxx


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