28 December 2011

Legs Turns 1 (and 2 Months)

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(& 2 Months!)

It's my blog's one year and two month birthday, as i was so busy with uni that i totally forgot about Legs' actual first birthday! So, i thought as it's such a special time of year that i'd like to take this opportunity to do a post commemorating my first year (and a bit) of blogging!

When i started Legs, it was just a place to write about my life, things i enjoyed and a place to sharpen my writing skills, but now it's blossomed into my little piece of the internet, and become a part of me and my life. It's ironic because the reason i started this blog, or the person who inspired me to write this blog, is now the leader of my university course. Just over a year ago i attended an open day at Southampton Solent University in which i sat in a talk on, my current, course BA (Hons) Writing, Fashion & Culture hosted by Sarah Cooper, my course leader. She said that the best way to hone your writing skills and get into the industry is to start a blog and get yourself out there, and that's what i did, so really it's all down to her. I'm proud to have created something that really represents me, and something that other people enjoy reading too. I never thought anyone other than myself would read my posts but now, at 42 followers, i'm happy that other people enjoy reading what i have to say too.

I'm proud of what Legs has become, and i'd just like to take this time to say thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me, i have met some of the loveliest people and gained some of the greatest opportunities through blogging, and i am eternally grateful, and thankful, for everything.

All my love,


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