23 February 2011

The (South)Hamptons - Part 2

Last night i was treated to a roast! yummm, it was super yummy and this time around it didn't take a gazillion hours! (Last time i visited & Jonny did a roast for us, he started it at 5 and we didn't get it until 8!) We spent our evening watching chit chatting with 2 of the Mr's housemates, watching Snog, Marry, Avoid & Biggest Loser, and then went to watch Eastenders & Secret Diary of a Call Girl in bed. For those of you who havn't seen/heard about/watched SDOACG (Secret Diary of a Call Girl) where have you been!? Seeing as there is very little on the telly at the moment, it's the only thing that i cannot bare to miss! The home, and work, life of a London Call Girl Hannah, goes by the working name of Belle De Jour. You get captured and taken into another world, somewhere that you'd never see yourself. The glamour, the fashion, the independance - it really makes you feel good about women kind! Now, i have to say that i'm not the most confident of girls, but watching Belle swan around in beautiful clothing, skyscraper heels and a smile really make makes me think "yeah, i could do that!" However, not so much the having sex with multiple strangers, as much as Billie Piper makes it seem effortless, it's not my sort of thing!

Day 3: My key piece today has never been worn before, as i only purchased it last week! But i've been dying to get it out the closet ever since!

Playsuit: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Top (Underneath): Primark / Belt: New Look (Came in a 2 pack with yesterdays Red Plait Belt) / Tights: Tesco

This gorgeous peacock print playsuit is incredibly easy to wear, and possibly my new favourite piece. It's super, super comfortable, and as it's made of 93% Polyester & 7% Elastine it's silky, smooth and surprisingly soft. I decided to combine this key piece with a loverly purple cardigan and a navy blue belt as there are some seriously beautiful colours in there, navys, violets, blacks, khakis, royal blues, burnt oranges, browns, silvers; when you look at it up close, and personal, it's really quite ornate. I personally think that a cardigan is just a cover up and i never really see the point in splashing out on seriously overprices cardis, however, when it comes to other types of knitwear like jumpers, or something a little thicker like my thick, white cardigan, then it's usually better to go a little more exspensive, lasts that bit longer and can house some fab detailing, eg. leather buttons, fur shoulders, gold threads. If you hadn't already noticed, these little plaited belts (that came together) work with everything. With blue & red, you can't go wrong! They can be slipped around a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans or knotted around your pretty, little waist to cinch in!

Aparently this evening is going to be mine, and the Mr's, replacment Valentines! We're going to order in, watch a movie and have a glass of wine! Just perfect. I'm hoping he has a few surprises up his sleeve, but men! You never can tell, can you?! We're doing romantic on a budget these days, as we're both very poor students! Staying in is the new going out, trust me. I bought the mr some little Haribo Heart Throbs & Some Body Shop Massgage Oil, as the Mr gets a very tense back, as he has twisted hips? Or something? Plus, it smells DEVINE.

While perusing the internet, and the blogasphere, while the Mr was at his lectures this morning, i fell across this post on Lil's blog and it totally reminded me of the gorgeous images of Lady Gaga on the cover of February's Vogue, photographed by Mario Testino. Now, i have always been an avid Little Monster, but since her health, and probably sanity, started spiralling down the pan, i've almost started to forget about one, Miss Lady Gaga. I rarely listen to her music anymore& hardly ever look out for her either. Seeing as my favourite article ever, was one on said Gaga in Harper's Bazaar, last summer, this is very unlike me! However, when i spotted Gaga sporting a ear ticklingly short, bubblegum pink bob - i couldn't miss her! The photographs to go along side her article are truly gorgeous, and i have to say i'm very glad that Gaga is getting back on top (especially after that mean disaster..).

How is your week going, as sunny as mine? (Well, actually, southampton is looking rather damp & dreary this morning.. but it's sunny in my view!) I'll try & take some pictures tonight, however my brain is like a sieve!

Toodles. xo

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  1. The peacock print is so lovely, and the detailing is perfect.

    I was once a girl obsessed with a certain Miss Gaga, I went to London to see her at the O2, but I must admit she’s been off my radar for a while too. But with images like this I can completely get enthralled once again! xx


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