14 February 2011

Heureux Saint Valentin!

From Top to Bottom: A Rose from the Mr (Valentines '10), An edited picture of the same Rose, Pancakes made for me by the Mr (Valentines '10), Haribo Heart Throbs, The Valentines Google Logo

I have no pictures of things done with the Mr this year as we're not together for Valentines Day, so we're having our own Valentines Week next week, when i venture to Southampton, so i'll update you will all the yummy and exciting events in my Southampton Diary next week!

I hope all you love birds have had a fabulous day, and have a lovely evening! I also hope all the single ladies are getting together with their girlfriends to celebrate the very best friendships - where would i be without my girlfriends i hope they all know how much i appreciate them!

Happy Valentines Day!

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