22 February 2011

The (South)Hamptons - Part 1

Day 1: Hoorah! I'm finally in (a cold & gloomy) Southampton! After a looong day of travelling, yesterday, i finally made it. When you get here the journey always seems to go really quickly, but when your slumped in your lumpy, uncomfortable train seat or perched on the edge of your suitcase praying the bus driver won't make any sharp turns or you're going to be (even more) seriously invading someone elses personal space - not that you already aren't (as your hand brushes the bum of the person next to you) - the destination doesn't seem so clear!

Day 2: But alas, i made it all in one piece (just)! One of the things i really love about visiting the Mr (apart from getting to spend time with him) is that as i sit at his desk, while he engages himself in something complicated and demanding, you can look out the window onto the busy street below & people watch. The university is literally just 'round the corner, and this is a mainly student street, so there's plenty of people to-ing & fro-ing, hiding under mountains of books, being weighed down by a ridulously heavy rucksack & sporting "University of Southampton" hoodies.
Everyone has somewhere to be and somewhere to go, none of them knowing (probably) where anyone else is going. (Usually) No smiles, few hellos & the odd nod. It's so weird to think that everyone just goes about their own business without a thought for someone else, and i know it would be weird if students started yelling "have a good lecture!" to every passerby, but i just find it strange that not everyone knows everyone. I guess, coming from a small, close-knit town & community, i'm used to every other person you meet be someone you know or knew. I just think it's a shame that noone takes an interest.

So, the Mr had a 9 o'clock lecture this morning, luckily after he left i dropped off to sleep for another hour! It probably wasn't the best idea to pack the only clothes from my wardrobe that crease to the max! However, a fashion student's preogative is to dress well, no matter what! I also painted my nails for the first time in months! (I get really bored of painting them beautifully, for during the week when i'm at college - for them to chipped, stripped and broken, and then have to take it off on Saturday night ready for a day at work, on Sunday!)

Nail Polish: Rimmel 60 Seconds In Style Hunter 285

Shorts: Topshop / Top: New Look Online / Cardigan: H&M / Belt: New Look / Scarf: H&M / Tights: Tesco

I did wonder if this outfit would be a little too impractical for my lounging around, writing, people watching, eating, laughing that i tend to do in Southampton, but actually it is surprisingly comfortable! The shorts havn't creased as much as i thought they would have, and even the creases that were left from being squashed to death in my suitcase, dropped out almost instantly. I really think they're going to be a year round staple, for me, they can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn though summer - bare legged, and through winter - with leggings or thick, wooly tights (as i am sporting here). They're camel, i have been meaning to purchase some camel clothing as soon as i read about the trend, not because i want to be on trend, but as one of the paler amoung us, i find it hard to wear light colours - especially peaches, pinks, but i find this colour really suits me and it's perfect, because i love it! This fabulous little top, you can't see but actually has 3/4 sleeves and gorgeous little gold, sailory buttons atop the shoulders, only cost me £9! It was in the sale online, and i am a serious stripes lover, at £9 you can't go wrong! PLUS, it's from their tall range and as we all know, for me, anything with a little extra length cannot hurt! It's slightly oversized, which i love, and can be worn tucked into shirts, skirts etc or worn over jeans or leggings - very versatile! As for my nail colour, don't you think it's just to die for!? I was originally looking for a sort of skin tone/light pink sort of colour, but when i couldn't find anything that i was really looking for, i decided to go for this little beauty. The photo is shocking, but it definitely looks better on the nails than it does in the bottle, because i was a little unsure before i put it on, so tried it on my toes first & voila! Head over heels. After taking this photo, i did throw on my very chunky, white knitted cardigan seen in this post, because as much as i love coming to visit - Jonny's house is freezing! It probably doesn't help, that i am ALWAYS cold!

Last night J made me the YUMMIEST bangers & mash everrrr. However, he was put to shame as he had to get a friend to finish the mash for him.. His mashing efforts were appauling! I love just being able to chill out and laugh here! I laugh SO much, and i really miss that when i go home. Well, there's more from where this came from!

Toodles. xo

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  1. I have never been to Southampton, it sounds like a great place to people watch, I often find myself wondering up stories about passer-bys. Glad to hear you’ve had a lovely time spent with the Mr.

    p.s Thank you for the advice on my last post, I really did appreciate it xx


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