28 January 2011

Friday Feeling #3

I'm so busy at the moment, i'm only having time to do my friday feeling! Blimey!

Tunic/Dress: Topshop / Cardigan: Topshop / Belt: Via Clothes Swap / Leggings: Next / Long Sleeve Top (Underneath): Primark

I bought this tunic/dress about three weeks ago, and have only just got round to wearing it. I think i was a little nervous about it being too short (as a very leggy girl, i'm constantly concious of length!) but actually it's perfect. I don't know if i'd dare with just tights, but give me some leggings and i'm on board! For a start, it's absolutely adorable. The print, for one, is so cute; the daisies are white, mustardy yellow & green and it just makes me feel spring like! I took a photo of it's peter pan collar as it's hard to distinguish it from the rest of the dress, but i think i really like that - it's subtle but it gives it a sweet, girly feel. Putting it with this gorgeous chunky knit cardigan (originally bought for my chilly summer holiday to dorset with the mr - where it affectionately became nicknamed 'the g cardi' - short for granny, ofc!) really gives it a, for want of a better word, chunkier, hevaier feel - but not in a bad way!PLUS it keeps me snug on this chilly (FREEZING) spring days!

002. After spending, what feels like, a decade researching for this 'Hidden' project, i've finally come up with the route i'm going to take! It's absolutely NOT what i originally wanted to or thought i would take, but after looking further into it - i'm actually quite interested. I've settled on looking into covering up for religion, ie: burqas, hijabs, saris, nun habis' etc, but i think i'm going to focus more on burqas to start. I'm also taking an idea from how you have to cover your shoulders and knees in other countries when entering churches and temples, and from all this i'm going to look at the contemporary maxi skirts/dresses trend. I'm actually quite excited, however - it's only 2 weeks until hand and i've got LOADS to do (i'm screenprinting my own fabric!!!!!) I'm hoping regular blogging will resume soon, and i've got some exciting adventures coming up over the next few months so i'll definitely be keeping you updated!

003. I still havn't heard anything from my other university choices! People in my class are getting interviews left, right & centre and i still have nothing! Not that an unconditional is anything to sniff at, as i'm very proud of that!

004. To be honest, my week has been incredibly dull! I'm hoping that this will change in the next month!

Have any of you had a more interesting week than i have!?

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