24 February 2011

The (South)Hamptons - Part 3

Day 3 Continued: I yet again have very good reasoning to brag about what a brilliant Mr i have. My evening, last night, was spent indulging in the yummiest chinese takeaway i've had in ages - if you're ever around the portswood area of Southampton, i definitely recommend Chan's. He'd been acting suspicious all day, and when i cam back from my shower, it all became clear!

Candles, Rose Petals & Wine! What a super dooper Mr i do have! It was loverly, the wine was yummy (but we later noticed how seriously red the wine when our tongues were a deep scarlet!) and on top of all this i was allowed to pick the film! Perfection, even if i do say so myself. I chose to watch 'The Proposal', starring Sandra Bullock as a demanding Boss & Ryan Reynolds as a very obliging assistant. When we began watching it, i wasn't actually very interested; it just seemed like your same old rom com (not that i don't adore a classic chick flick as much as the next girl) but as we got into it, Sandra Bullock's character Margeret starts to melt and you see why Bullock is such a brilliant actress. I have never before seen any previous work by Reynolds but i was very impressed with him too! It does become somewhat predictable, but when all you want is an easy watch - i was very happy with my choice. The blueish candle you can see in the pictures above is one of the 4 candles i bought Jonny for an anniversary, i believe. They're made by Wax Lyrical & Jelly Belly, they smell absolutely devine - that one in perticular is Watermelon, and it smells good enough to eat! The others include Mango, Very Cherry & Cinnamon (however, we decided that cinnamon was a bit too pungent!) So all in all, we had a very good valentines evening - we talked for absolutely ages! It's been very lovely to be able to talk about everything, like we used to. We're both so busy now we forget to tell each other things! So he was definitely filled in on about 3 months worth of gossip!

Day 4: Yes ladies & gentlemen! Those are the Topshop Camel Jeans i have been lusting after for months! After finishing all of my college work, and presenting it in my panel review, i decided to treat myself and head into Cambridge (I have to say, i really enjoy shopping by myself, and at midday on a weekday - Cambridge is dead! Just how i like it.) After rooting around Topshop for something worthy of my vouchers, i stumbled across the Tall section & there they were! Sitting amoungst t-shirts & jumpers, well i just had to try them on and with my perfect luck, they fitted like a glove - sold!

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Top (Underneath): H&M / Bird Top: New Look Online / Belt: Next / Necklace: Primark

This little outfit was used on a very lovely day, out and about in Southampton. After yesterday's very gloomy, dull weather, today was lovely and the sun even decided to show it's face! It wasn't particularly cold either, just a little chilly so i threw my leather jacket over the top of this. These jeans are soo snug! They fit me perfectly - don't you just love that feeling when you find the perfect pair of jeans! - and they're ever so comfortable, plus the colour is absolutely fabulous! I know Topshop jeans can be a little pricey, but they have never failed me yet - god send, in fact! I adore this little bird crop top - so sweet! It has 3/4 sleeves and extra fabric to help it be floaty and beautiful, perfect for a chilly Spring.

We had a stroll through Southampton's beautiful centre, popping into West Quay shopping centre where we flicked through some books, did some window shopping, discussed our outfits for the Mr's Brother wedding this December, and ended up searching for Wally in Where's Wally in Hollywood (We couldn't find him.) I drooled over the gorgeous dresses in Karen Millen's window and i wouldn't mind this or this.. or this.. or even this! They had some real beauties in there, and i wanted them all! Damn you student funds.

We finished our stint in town with lunch at my favourite restaurant - Bella Italia! Yum, yum, yum; I usually go for pizza when i eat in BI, but today decided to go for something lighter as we're having stir fry tonight- so went for the Carbonara and it was delicious, serious recommend!

This made us realise, as we're going to see We Will Rock You at Easter, for our 2 year anniversary, we have no idea where to have dinner! We're going to the matinee and will eat after the show, but we're rubbish at restaurants in London - especially lovely, but well priced ones! Do any of you have any suggestions? We spent forever scouring the internet for suggestion, but computer, and google, said no. They decided to be very unhelpful and only give us a couple of options, but nothing spectacular! We're looking for somewhere in the Covent Garden area, but will go further if we find something special! Any suggestions welcome! Hope you're all feeling sunny!

Toodles. xo


  1. Those Topshop dreams look soooo nice, I wanna pair :( xx

  2. Glad to hear you had a lovely valentines night spent with the Mr. Sometimes it really is nice to just talk to one and other, because life can be so hectic at times.

    Last time I was in London we went to Chinatown which is always a lovely place to eat :)

    Those camel jeans are perfect on you xx


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