8 March 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back in the blogasphere, safe & sound! The past 2 weeks have been absolutely hectic, but i am finally, finally back for keeps (for now!). I'm ever so sorry i havn't been here to tell you all about Amsterdam, yet, but the Mr came home over the weekend so i was busy, busy, busy telling him all about my adventures, keeping little Molly (one of his many nieces) occupied & watching his mum rock her flute in a local concert. BUT i am here and happy to tell you all about very thrilling - albeit horrendously cold - adventure to Amsterdam!

Despite the disgusting drop in temperature, the misty grey weather & the fact that we were hideously over tired, we were in Amsterdam & it was all very exciting! Our first day was seriously lacking in excitement, as i said we were SO, SO tired (getting up at 3am to be at Stansted for 5am never makes anyone cheery!) and we spent it on a very misted windowed, small, cold boat trip down the canals. We could barely see anything, and noone could even keep their head up to try & search for anything exciting. After the lack luster of the first day, the days to follow were all full of exciting activities (shopping, shopping.. did i say shopping!?) We also spent some time searching the art galleries that Amsterdam is so famous for, i found some truly inspiring stuff and was grateful for the oppurtunity to see such amazing work. We did all the touristy things such as dam square, the red light district & navigating the winding streets of the city.

Here are some photos that sum up my time in Amsterdam!

Top to Bottom: Me & the girls at the I Amsterdam sign / Cheese! / Me & my friends at the WaterlooPlein Flea Market / A bike maze / Vondel Park, where our hostel was / Bazar: The most delicious restaurant! / Me & some friends at Bazar / My chicken kebab at Bazar / Red light District / Cocktails with the girls / Art at the Gemeente Museum / LOVE bulb at the Gemeente / Dutch for Museum Shop, but i found it highly amusing! / Tequila shots - (My friend Lucy's face!) / Out with the girls / Neon at at the Stedelijk Musum / The yummiest brownie at the Stedelijk / Mango tea!

Out of everything we did on this trip, i must tell you about 2 things in particular!: If you ever happen to be in Amsterdam, you must eat at Bazar. It's sort of African/Middle Eastern cuisine, and the most delicious food i have ever tasted! Now, i am one fussy eater but i absolutely adored it here, they have something for everyone. It's in an old synagogue and has been done up beautifully; fairy lights, large sculptural lanterns & a bar made of tin cans. It really is seen to be believed! Along side the banging Middle Eastern music and truly friendly staff, it caters for couples or large groups! If you get the chance you must, must, must go along and take a bite!

The second is, you must also take a trip to the WaterlooPlein Flea Market. I bought the most gorgeous red leather satchel from there and i've fallen in love with it! It sells everything from bags to printing blocks. As well as it's quaint little stalls, it has cafes and vintage stores left, right & centre - so give it a visit!

I picked up bits, bobs & postcards everywhere we went (i find they're a lovely little momentos!)

Girl With The Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer)

Pin Up Postcards

Postcards from Anne Frank's House

Van Gogh Museum

On one of the little markets we passed, we found a lovely little stall selling vintage postcards, envelopes & general mail. You never find such good memorabilia like this in the UK, and i just had to share my gorgeous finds with you!

Luckily, they're now online so you can check them out for yourselves!

I had such a brilliant time, that it's sad to be back to my every day life and straight into my FMP (Final Major Project). I have a horrendous amount of work to throw out in the next 12 weeks, but my brain is finding it difficult to engage! Once i get my teeth into it, i'll be fine but i now cannot wait for the Easter break (ie: My 19th Birthday & Mine and the Mr's 2yr Anniversary, & We Will Rock You!)

I hope everyone is happy & smiling, especially now the sun is showing it's face! Lots of overdue love! <3


  1. sounds like a fabulous holiday, i hope to visit one day! x

  2. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time, I would love to visit Amsterdam one day.
    The flea market sounds amazing, I love all of the postcards and the letters are making me feel very nostalgic! Such great finds xx

  3. I love those postcards :) perfect inspiration for the pen pal exchange!
    Come and join us bloggers on twitter, we all chat on there I'm @GemFatFrocks


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