26 May 2014

Lush Dream Cream & How it works for Me

I'm not sure if i've ever mentioned it before, but i struggle with eczema. I generally have sensitive skin all over, but currently i'm struggling with bad eczema in between my fingers and on my chest. It's often very painful, the skin gets extremely dry, red and flakey and sometimes if it gets too bad the skin can even crack and bleed - gross, i know.

I had heard so much about the famous and, what seemed, magical Dream Cream from Lush. It was supposed to be every answer to the sensitive, bad-skinned girl's dream. I've heard that many other girls have used Dream Cream with spectacular results, it was supposed to have cleared up all the dry, red skin and restored the skin back to whatever it was like before.

So, after a lot of umming and ahhing, i decided to pop down to my local Lush store in Cambridge to have a look for myself and give it a go. It was right in the door, so i stood for a while reading the packaging and sussing out what it was it was really supposed to do and i have to say that the packaging really did sell it to me. However, it was a wonderful employee of the store that really helped me out. I didn't get a chance to grab his name, but he spoke very highly of the product, telling me that he used it himself and it really worked. He also gave me the best advice that i hadn't even thought of before; he said that moisturisers were very personal to the individual and although it worked for many, many other people i may not work for me so he suggested that i test it out of my fingers, finish my shopping and see how i felt. He didn't try to force the cream on me once he knew i was interested, he gave me some brilliant advice and let me leave not knowing if i would be back. Well, it took about thirty seconds for me to realise i needed this in my life.

Just about three minutes after i had applied and left the store, i could already see a huge difference the in the skin between my fingers. My skin hadn't looked like that for a very long time, and it was no longer sore, red or dry. It was amazing, and really did seem like magic. So, i purchased a pot and have been using it for weeks. I apply it overnight, as the cream is a little greasy but the skin really does soak it all up, and my skin is slowly transforming into what it previously felt like. It's no longer cracked or flaky, and is beginning to be a lot less dry too. If i used it more often, i'm sure it would have worked a lot quicker but because my problem area is on my hands i can't use it as often as i would like (seeing as i love washing my hands, and using anti bac!). The skin is no longer red, however, it it's becoming a lot more comfortable. The eczema on my chest is actually a lot worse than between my fingers, so is taking a lot more time to shift, but i am considering going to the doctor about that.

It's amazing, very soothing and does exactly what the tin (and thousands of other people) say it should.


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