19 May 2014

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer VS Matte Balms

Ever since i they started appearing on the market, the infamous chubby pencil type lip products have been my favourite, which i've shared with you before. They're easy to apply and are usually very balmy, which are also my favourite formulation. So when the Revlon Colourburst Balms were introduced, i knew that i wanted to give them a go and i've already reviewed my first lacquer balm which you can go and read here if you'd like a quick run-down of what i think of the Provocateur Lacquer Balm.

I always go for glossy finish lip products, and have never thought that matte was the finish for me. I thought they were drying and wouldn't work with my sometimes dry lips, but once i'd tried the Lacquer Balms and read reviews of the Matte Balms, i thought i might as well give them a go. I actually prefer the colour range of the Matte Balms, so i thought what have i got to loose? As the headline suggests, i thought i'd do a review style post comparing the Mattes Vs the Lacquers.

This is my newest Lacquer Balm in Flirtacious, a berry toned hot pink shade - perfect for Spring and Summer. As you can see, on the lips it's beautifully glossy but it's not like a gloss, it's more of a satin gloss finish, if that makes any sense. It's not at all sticky but very moisturising, and smooth on the lips. I would say that the Lacquers don't have quite as much pigmentation as the Mattes, but they are buildable as you can see in the images above. I sometimes feel that these can show the flakes and dry skin, despite the moisturising formula but it's really not awful and most of the time i don't have a problem with that. They stay put for a good few hours, if there's not eating or drinking involved so you will need apply afterwards. These have a tingly, peppermint feel to them and when you first apply them they're very cooling, unlike the Matte Balms.

This is the first matte lip product i've ever bought, and i am pleasantly surprised by it. Just like the Lacquers it's really moisturising, and glides on in application. I find that although mattes tend to be bad for dry lips, it doesn't at all cling to flakey lips. I would say that these do last a little longer than the Lacquers and have slightly better staying power against eating, but again they would need applying after meals. Sultry is a beautiful berry pink toned, brown colour which for me is such a versatile colour for all year round. Unlike many matte lip products unless it's been on for all day, i wouldn't say it's particularly drying.

Overall, i would say that the Matte Balms colour range is much better, as there's a red, a purple, an orange and a pink unlike the Lacquers that's pretty much made up of pinks and reds. If you're worried about dry lips when it comes to the Mattes, you really don't need to as they're just as moisturising as the Lacquers but i would say they last slightly longer. The formulation is also slightly thicker than the Lacquer Balms but honestly one is not better than the other, they're just different. So just make the decision on what you want, matte or gloss.


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