28 May 2014

What's on my Feet? Summer Edition

So, i haven't even bothered to check before writing and posting this but i'm pretty sure i posted a Winter footwear post before Christmas and i cannot remember whether i posted a Summer one last year, but if i did - there may be a few similarities, but this is what i'm wearing on my feet this Spring and Summer. There's a real mix, as British Summertime can't always be counted on so i have a mix of sandals and enclosed shoes but this is what i'll be wearing this year!

Topshop Black Mambo Boots | I have always admired people wearing platform boots but as i can't really wear slip on shoes or boots i've never been able to wear them, that was until i found the Topshop Mambos. They're just such a lovely shoe and i love how they make an outfit look; if i'm wearing something girly they toughen it up or they can really dress up just jeans and a t-shirt. If you'd like a few review of these, you can find the link to the post i wrote about them in the title.

ASOS Molly Flat Shoes | When it came around to baring my feet this Spring, i came to realise that my shoe collection was seriously lacking in staple footwear. I actually owned no pairs of plan black shoes, so i got on the case for adding in a couple. I'm actually still on the hunt for a stroppy pair of ballerina pumps, as i ordered some from Topshop but they fit horridly. However, i did find this cute pair from ASOS which i think are great for jazzing up an outfit. I have to admit that they fit probably slightly smaller than true sizing, but i loved them too much to send them back as i think it has to do with the fact the toe is slightly tapered. Nevertheless, i love them and i they're great for pairing with dresses or jeans, or anything actually!

M&S Caged Toe Sandals in Black & Orange | The black pair of these sandals was a total staple for me last Summer, as i wore them with everything. They're just so versatile and look lovely with everything. They really make an outfit look  cute, as well as both dressy, relaxed and Summery. There's something about these that makes me think of a 1950's housewife, i'm not sure why. Anyway, i actually bought the orange pair right at the end of last Summer, in the sale, for only £11 when originally they were £30. I just couldn't pass it up, but last year i didn't get to wear them so i'm excited to include them in my Summer wardrobe this year. I think orange is such a perfect Summer colour, and these look great with all sorts of other colours that i wasn't sure that they would.

Converse All Star Low Top Canvas Sneakers in White & Blue Star Print | I love wearing Converse in the Spring and Summer, and my White pair is my go-to. They simply go with everything, and they take away the girly in an outfit if i'm wearing dresses or skirts and want to give it a little bit of an edge. My white pair i've had for probably about two years now, and they've seen a lot of good times. So, when i was in America last Summer i couldn't help but pick up this super cute, fun star printed pair that look great with colour blocking outfits in the Summer. I just think they're a lovely addition to my collection for something a little more exciting, this Summer.

New Look Patent Brogues | I picked these up last year and never really wore them, but i love them. I love the way brogues look and again, they just give a different sort of look to an outfit. I just wanted something enclosed and slightly smarter. Again, they're very versatile and look great with everything from jeans to skirts. They're lace up, which is perfect for me and my skinny feet, and i like that they kind of have a masculine look to them. They're not your typical Summer shoe, but i love wearing these when the day is looking a little grey - the British Summer weather isn't always looking it's best - and they're also great for the evening too.

Topshop Mary Jane Flat Shoes in Leopard Print & Pink Poppy Print | I bought these last year too and wore them all throughout Summer. They're great because they have a strap, and i love the fun colours and prints. They're a little more difficult to wear, as i often wear prints and colours in my outfit and they don't go with everything but i make them work, and get the most use out of the leopard pair. I once heard a stylist say that she thought of leopard print as a kind of neutral and i sometimes go with that idea. They're really comfortable and have a great sole, so keep my feet safe when i'm doing lots of walking - usually shopping.

Matalan Buckle Peep Toe Heeled Sandals | These i was a little intimidated of, last Summer, and didn't wear them all that much - plus they are a real pain in the butt to put on. You can't really see from this picture but they have five buckles each which isn't the easiest to do up, but when i wear them i love the effect they give. They're really edgy and look great for dressing up an outfit during the day or giving a cooler vibe for an evening out. I have to admit that i don't love the fact the heel is cut out as i'm not a huge fan of feet, and it does look a little odd but i do love the peep-toe and it's nice to get a pop of colour peeking through from your toenails.


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