30 May 2014

Tiger Haul

We've had a Tiger in Cambridge for a few months now, and every time i've been in town i've longingly stared into the windows as i passed by but my goodness, that shop is always busy. It's cleverly laid out with a walkway style layout that you have to follow all the way 'round, and either side of you is ladened with all sorts of products that you simply need, but never knew you needed. They honestly seem to sell everything from glasses to kitchenware, and stationary to food. However, one morning i was in town pretty early and i took the opportunity to have a wander around when the store was a lot less quieter than usual.

I loved all of the kitchenware and when i eventually, whenever that may be, move out of my parents house i will definitely be going back to browse the glassware, napkins and appliances. They had a wall full of candles too, which is just a dream, with matching candle holders - tealight and stick. The stationary was beautiful too, they had all sorts from notebooks and pencils to art supplies, and what i loved was that everything was so well priced.

I picked up three things on this trip, as i didn't want to go mad - i could have bought the whole store. The sunglasses were first on my list, as you may not know it but i can never have too many pairs. They were the first thing i saw when i went in the door, and they had so many styles, most in black, but so many shapes. I picked the most perfect cateye pair that i love! They fit perfectly, and i love how dark the lenses are because often when i buy sunglasses from the high street the lenses aren't all that black. Considering they were only £4, they're really great quality!

I've seen blogger, after blogger, after blogger use paper straws in their photographs and tutorials. They're so pretty, but i really have no use for them! I'm sure i'll find something for them this Summer, maybe they'll be featured on the blog but i just thought they were something cool to try - i told you, Tiger sells everything you never knew you even wanted.

Lastly, i picked up two of the little glass jars with ceramic tops. I thought they were so pretty and i actually wanted to pick up more, but i really don't need them and would have no idea were to keep them. I think they'll be perfect for when i have my own place, maybe in the kitchen, but for now i'm loving the ones i have. They're air-tight so would be great for spices or condiments perhaps, but they'd also look really cute just for decoration maybe filled with beads or glitter, or something!

Have you got a local Tiger, because if you have i highly recommend giving it a look but only if you've got the money to splash!


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