8 December 2013

#REVIEW | Superdrug Tea Tree Skincare

Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Wash | Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick

I'm having a fairly manageable skin situation at the moment, and i have a feeling that it has to do with my new found love for Tea Tree products.

I've always known that Tea Tree is a great thing for acne prone skin but as a blogger, you're always looking for new things to try out and review so it kind of got given a back seat but after going through a rough patch and trying some other stronger spot removers, i decided to give the Tea Tree spot stick a go. This has changed the way i look at treating spots. It doesn't have to be the strongest spot treatment available to get rid of something, this takes a little longer but it gets rid of it without scarring my skin and it intensely soothes the skin too even those pesky under the skin spots.

So, when i found out i love the spot stick i decided to add the facial wash into my routine. It's a really thick formula, but when you're applying it really feels like it's working into the skin. Since using it, i've seen improvement overall in my skin and i think it might have something to do with this little addition.

If you've never given tea tree a go, i'd recommend trying it out. I have oily, combination, acne prone skin and it really helps me out.


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  1. Ooh I'll have to pick up the face wash and give it a try!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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