10 December 2013

It's Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas: Winter Scents

Following on from my favourite Summer scents, i thought i'd share with you my favourite Winter fragrances. I tend to switch over in about November time and wear these all the way through until Spring. They're a little bit deeper toned, not so light and a little less girly to match the drop in temperature.

Hugo Boss Boss Nuit Pour Femme | I actually, about this time last year or the year before, got an email from Boots asking whether i'd like to get a free sample sent to me of this fragrance and i thought why not. However, i really didn't expect to like it and it actually took so long to come that i forgot about it. I'm a real Marc Jacobs girl so this wasn't something i was expecting to suit me, but when it came and i finally got around to trying it out there was just something about it that drew me in. It has heart notes of white flowers and jasmine, with a top note of peach which keeps it in the scent family that i love but it's base notes are crystalline moss and sandalwood which, for me, makes it a Winter scent. It's actually a really nice go to fragrance for this time of year.

Calvin Klein CKIN2U | Again, this isn't a typical fragrance for me if you look at my Summer fragrance post but i'm not actually a girly, sweet fragrance lover overall. I actually like scents that are a little more masculine and i would say that this one really is. It's top note is pink grapefruit but it's base note is neon amber which really keeps it Winter ready in my books. I, again, love this one for just spraying and going when i'm running out the door to university as it's a really nice daytime scent.

Marc Jacobs DOT | This is my newest Marc Jacobs scent, which i received last Christmas. There was just something about it that i fell in love with. It's totally different to my other Marc Jacobs perfumes, which is why i reserve it for Winter. It's quite a heavy scent and works great for the evening, i don't think this is something i would go to for the daytime but it works great as a slinky, evening scent during the Winter. It actually reminds of Winter nights now too. It's top notes are red berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle with base notes of vanilla, driftwood and musk making a nice, heavy Winter scent. Don't be put off that i call it heavy, i think that in the Winter time a heavier scent works perfectly in the frosty weather.

Although they're not Winter perfumes, two scents that i can't live without in the Winter are Hollyberry and Pine. Hollyberry has long been a favourite Christmas scent in our family, and we constantly burn candles and have reed diffusers on the go in this scent so it's a very nostalgic, Christmas scent for me that come every November i like to indulge in a new Hollyberry reed diffuser. As for pine, i just love the fresh scent it leaves behind, reminding me of cold days and Christmas trees. Sainsburys do a lovely pine smelling candle that i love to get every year.


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