14 December 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's real chilly these days, and one of the things i hate most is being cold. So, here is what i do to take precautions against the freezing weather that Winter brings.

Clarks Nessa Clare Boots in Black Leather | These are the newest addition to my shoe collection, and i literally can't get enough. I've worn them with literally everything but they just go with so much. They keep my feet and legs toasty warm when it's freezing outside, and they feel like they just give a bit more protection against the elements in this weather. They were pricey, but they're black leather and are so well made that it makes it worth the money. I know that i'll be wearing these for many Winters to come.

H&M Snood | This is new to me this year as well, it's a snood from H&M. There is so much material in this snood, and although it has got holes it in that really makes no difference  because it totally wraps you up with plenty of material to spare. As it's an ivory colour it matches everything and i really have to stop myself with pairing it with every outfit, although i usually do. Scarves really do help keep the heat in and they're great for the season.

F&F Knitted Bow Headband | I bought these last Winter and wore them so, so often. I hate wearing hats and i just don't think i have the hair for them so this is a great alternative for me. I wear my hair up a lot in the Winter due to the awful weather, so this keeps my little ears warm when my hair's all scooped up in a bun. It looks so cute and again thanks to it's colour it goes with everything.

Accessorize Fingerless Gloves with Mittens | Last but not least is gloves, and not just any gloves for me. Do you not hate it when you need to itch your eyes or your face and you either get fluff in your eye or have to take your gloves off to do so? Well, i do and that's why i love the gloves that have the little caps for your fingers. I buy a new pair almost every year from Accessorize because they do the best ones and they last me all Winter wearing them pretty much everyday and getting shoved in the bottom of bags. They're just so cute, and look adorable with thick scarves and coats. This pair is from last year, but you can check out this years pairs here.

How do you keep warm?


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