18 December 2013

Decorating For Christmas: At Home

So, last time i shared with you how i decorated my student room which is actually a lot simpler and probably a little less festive than how i like to decorate my room at home, at my parents house. Here, i love to go all out with lights, candles and decorations. It's a lot more fun because i feel like i can do a lot more, so i thought it'd be fun to share with you how i've decorated my room at home, this year.

Rather than having a chocolate version, for the past couple of years my lovely mum has been filling this super cute advent calendar for me. My dad bought it for me last year, from John Lewis i believe, and it's so cute strung across my room. So far i've found some Lindt chocolate balls, one pug sock (i'm hoping the other is coming, otherwise one foot is going to be mighty cold) and a five pound note - now that's my kind of advent calendar! I love the traditional look of it too, and it really adds to the decorations.

I know that some people really dislike tinsel, but i think if you buy nice stuff that's thick and fluffy then it can make things look so christmassy. I also really love the smell, it instantly reminds me of Christmas! I don't use a lot, just here and there usually to trim like around my pictures which is illustrated above. Now that my room is yellow, the gold tinsel looks so cute.

Like you saw in my student room, i have these super cute hanging stars that i bought in poundland. I loved them so much when i bought them for my student room that i bought them for home too! For two pounds for four, i just think they're so effective for the price. I have two at each side of my room and i just think they look so cute. I bought the gold versions for my room at home, as i just think gold matches with yellow perfectly.

This little surface is probably my most favourite in my room, as it's just so traditionally festive and perhaps a little grown up too! This little tree i've had for at least five years, and it was super cheap. It's really festive and fairly traditional with it's green, red and gold theme. It matches really nicely with my Roberts radio too, which i thought looked really cute together. On the top it has a little harp playing angel, which i actually have no idea where it came from but it tops it off nicely. The candlestick and gold candle are actually brand new this year and they're both from Matalan. It only cost me £9 for both of them which i thought was a steal, and although i never thought i'd be one for decorative candles i'm not going to be burning this one as i know it'll be a nightmare to keep tidy and it looks too cute anyway. I feel like when you've got yourself some candlesticks then you know you're grown up, am i right? Last here is my cute, cute little elf crown tealight holder. I have no idea how long ago i got this but it's definitely been an addition for the past five years. I just think it's so festive and so cute, and when lit the light shines through the little gaps in the crown and it looks so festive and warm.

On my main set of drawers, i just have a few bits and bobs but here is where the main event of candles sits. I have a christmas tree scent from Sainsburys, with the matching reed diffuser which so festive and fresh - i love it, as well as my usual Yankee Candle wild passion fruit but it's green so it works and then a couple of red snowflake tea light holders which i've brought out for the festive season. Here also houses my little fairtrade nativity, which was handmade in peru and comes from a local fairtrade store which i think is so cute. As well as a glittery merry christmas and a little white battery operated welcome light which is snapped up from Poundland last year.

My Christmas room is not complete without my multi-coloured flower fairy lights. Unlike in Southampton, i only have fairy lights up in my room at Christmas so it makes it all the more special and honestly these are what make my room feel the most festive. They go all the way around the perimeter of my room and they actually emit a good amount of light, so when it's dark i can just have them on and it's very calming and pretty.

In my window, i just have a few bits - the little christmas tree that i brought back with me from Southampton, from Paperchase, another glittery merry christmas and actually my christmas Tinkerbell is out all year round but she is actually a Christmas edition as she's sitting on a poinsettia flower and is titled "Festive Fairy". She's from the Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore, and i love the whole collection. I have my eye on an Alice in Wonderland, a Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat! On my window i just have a snowman cling so that everyone can see a little festivity from my window!

Last, but not least, i thought i couldn't share with you my Christmas decorations at home without showing you my Christmas tree. This is the epitome of Christmas decorations for me and this year i think it's extra cute. I took this picture from my Instagram, and you can follow me at @_legseleven and it's always in the sidebar to your right.



  1. Everything seems to be so neat and cozy! I love!

    It'll be my pleasure if you follow me on falakhussein.blogspot.com

  2. Everything looks so lovely, that tree is gorgeous! I love the tinkerbell too! x

  3. Ohh they all look so perfect! Christmas decorations are the best, I'd totally leave some things up all year round if I could <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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