6 December 2013

Decorating for Christmas: My Student Room

Despite the fact i actually decorated my room on November 1st, now it's officially December i thought it more appropriate to show you how i decorate my student room, in Southampton. I always decorate early when i'm there because i'm only at the flat until early to mid December, so i like to make the most of it. I don't go quite as all out as i do in my room at home but i thought i'd share what i did with it this year, to give any students out there some inspiration and i'll let you know where things are from where i can.

Cardboard Star Lanterns: Poundland | Mini Tinsel Christmas Tree & Decorations: Paperchase | Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar: John Lewis | White Snowflake Chains: Poundland

As soon as Halloween is over, i find Poundland to be one of the best places to pick up cute decorations for next to nothing, and if you're careful they can actually be worth far more than what you paid. The little Star Lanterns are new to my collection this year, and i love them. I have four up on my ceiling, two in opposite corners and all i did was stick them to the ceiling using white tack and white cotton. They look so cute i'm considering leaving them all year round. You can actually also put these over lightbulbs too, but i think they're a bit small for that but they were only £1 for two.

The little tree is something i bought in my first year at uni because i had next to no space for decorations and this took up nothing. It was probably a little more pricey, but i've used it every year and it packs away nicely and shows no wear and tear.

The advent calendar was actually a gift from my parents last year, which they sent as a surprise. I think it is so, so cute and i've always wanted a fill-it-yourself calendar. My mum actually fills it for me, so it's all a surprise and these are far more up my alley as i usually get to about day 10 on a chocolate calendar and get bored. This way, who knows what will be inside!

The snowflake chains are also Poundland and were so worth the money, they're made out of plastic and are so easy to store and get out year after year. I have two of these and they just add a little more to the room. They kind of shine in the light which is really cute, and look just like snow.

Gold Tinsel | Merry Christmas Sign: Tesco | Jingle Bells | Fairy Lights: Amazon

The tinsel is something i have no idea where it's from, but i doubt it was expensive. I usually buy tinsel from places like Asda or Tesco, but i have to admit i do like the bushy stuff nothing too thin. Something i say to myself every year is i love the smell of tinsel, it just remind me wholeheartedly of Christmas and it gets me even more excited! I just add bits here and there, around door frames or on cupboards.

The Merry Christmas sign is something i decided to order on a whim with a food delivery last year, but i actually love it. It's so glittery and sparkly and makes a great addition to the room.

The jingle bells are something that my mum also sent me last year, along with the advent calendar. One of our favourite Christmas films is the Polar Express and if you haven't seen then well, you should, but jingle bells also play a big part in the film. All i have to say is, i can hear them.

The fairy lights are actually up all year round but get most of their work out around this time of year. I love the white because it matches everything, and i just don't think theres much else as festive as fairy lights.

Santa Hat: Poundland | Tree Candelabra: Poundland | Nativity

The Santa hat just sits on the end of my clothes rail as another little decoration, i never wear it but i think it's really cute and festive.

These candelabras are so cute! I bought two from Poundland last year and they're just so lovely. They're not super bright or anything but sat in a window or on a bedside table, or something they just look so lovely.

My decorating is never complete without a nativity, as i've always had one growing up. I'm not actually sure where this one came from, i have a feeling my mum gave it to me but it's so sweet and small, the perfect size for a student room.

That's how i decorate, how about you?


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  1. I love it, super festive! I think the star lanterns are my favourite <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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