5 February 2012

What Women Want On February 14th

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The best gifts will always be the most thoughtful; the ones that have been bought just for you and could only have been picked by that special person, but there are plenty of other options that will equally please and surprise your partner, because lets be honest; which girl doesn't want to receive roses and chocolates, just because?

Like i said, chocolates and flowers will always be welcome, but why not branch out a little and buy something fancy? Available from John Lewis, Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are just that little bit more up market and maybe just a bit more romantic. At £3.85, it's not as if you're splashing out but when presented in the gorgeous shimmering box, they look a lot more expensive than they are. When it comes to flowers, there's nothing more romantic than red roses; there's plenty of ways to give them, as a single red rose is classic, a dozen is grand but one for every year you've been together is positively romantic, so whatever the budget there's something for everyone!

Women like jewellery, and that's all there is to it but you've got to know your girl when you're choosing, so make sure you do your research. Check your partner's jewellery box before you make the trip, get a good idea of what she likes; chunky or delicate, gold or silver and so on. Pandora and Links are both up and coming brands, within the last year becoming extremely popular for gifts. A classic Pandora bracelet, with a charm or two, will be very well received and something she can keep forever. It also leads on to future birthdays, holidays, when you can give her a charm for every occasion, something that means something to her, e.g. 21 for 21st birthday, it can be something you share together. This beautiful Links Hope Double Ring is beautiful, classic and undeniably romantic. Rings tend to be a symbol of love and something like this is easy to wear on many women.

Other ideas include tickets to the West End show she's always wanted to see, this can be a simple gift or make it a grand gesture and take her out to dinner after. There's plenty of tickets for all sorts of prices, but book in advance to avoid disappointment. If she's a beauty guru like many in the blog and youtubesphere, why not choose that romantic colour or that brand that she never buys for herself because it's a little out of her price range? OPI is a little bit grander than your average High Street brands, and a little bit more expensive, but comes in a vast range of colours from matte to glitter and look beautiful in their curved bottles, so will be appreciated by the any beauty lover. Not every girl likes the style of bunting but if she does, why not buy her a string of a colour to match her favourite room, something to remind her of you. It's super easy to put up and embellishes any room, making it look very cute and kitsch.

Last but not least, how about buying that perfect pair of shoes. All girls love shoes, and there'll always be that pair on our wishlist that we just can't quite justify buying for ourselves, so would be very appreciative of someone buying them for us. Drop it into conversation, check her shoe size and pick something you know she'd like. Try something a little more expensive than you every day, try brands that are higher end like these Jeffrey Campbell Papillons. How romantic!

I hope this has given you a few ideas, let me know what you end up with!



  1. Great ideas Kat, I must admit I'm a chocolate kinda gal! I just don't know what the Mr will surprise me with this year, I shall have to wait and see.

    p.s I can't wait to start writing to you again ♥ xxx

  2. I adore the bunting! Not sure what I will be getting next week! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. I've been hinting to my Mr about a new charm for my bracelet so hopefully he will have been paying attention ;) chocolates are always a winner with me too!!
    <3 Holz oxo


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