14 April 2011

2 years (& 2 Days)

I'm alive, i promise i'm alive! This week has been totally non-stop - just the way i like it!

Last you heard i had been to the zoo, since then i have (finally) celebrated my birthday with my friends and also celebrated mine & the Mr's 2 year anniversary! I didn't get any photos from the night with my friends, we were all too busy chatting away, as i haven't seen some of them for far too long, but i had an extremely lovely evening with some even lovelier company. Bella Italia is one of my favourite restaurants, so it was great to be able to celebrate there with all my fab friends! (Can't believe some of them had never been before! If you haven't either: go now!) I had never been to the one we went to on monday, Bella Italia at the Watermill, but i would definitely go again. Cambridge is a beautiful place and to be surrounded by park and right next to the river was really lovely, especially on a summer evening.

So, me and the Mr have been dating for 2 years (and 2 days)! It's so bizarre - it feels like it's been a lot longer than 2 years, but it also doesn't feel like it's been very long at all! Without sounding too cheesy or like a total sucker, being with the Mr has been the best decision of my life. Over the past 2 years i have really become a totally different person, and not in 'he's changed me' way, in a 'he's made me a better person' kind of way.

We decided to celebrate by spending the day in London: we went to see the matinee of We Will Rock You and then went for dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Orso, but i'll get on to that later. Here are a couple snaps of our day:

Me & my wonderful Mr / The Mr! / Waiting to see WWRY at the Dominion Theatre / Dinner at Orso

I don't think i have yet introduced any of you lovely ladies to my Mr, so this is his blog debut! We had a really lovely day, it's nice to take some time out for ourselves to celebrate our landmark. We don't often get time for to ourselves and not have to worry about something, so we took the day and didn't worry whatsoever! Sadly in these photos you can't really see my dress, my shoes or my tights! I wore a lovely Navy Jersey Wrap Dress from ASOS, House Of Holland Suspender Tights & Leopard Strappy Shoes from Topshop shown in this Post. The amount of stares i got through the day for my tights! It was like no-one had seen anything like it before; people even stopped to stare!

After grooving, singing and boogieing on down at We Will Rock You, which by the way is truly fab! If you love a good Queen song, get on down there! I sang my little heart out and we even bust a move or two - and trust me when i say the cast can really belt out a tune! (However, if you have sensitive hearing - warning, that it can be pretty loud!) We made our way to the lovely Covent Garden for dinner at Orso. We had never heard of this little gem before we started searching for places to have our anniversary dinner - we merely stumbled across it, and we were very glad that we did! It was a little more expensive then we would normally like to spend, but as it was a special occasion we decided to splash out and do something fancy! The food was absolutely DELICIOUS; i went for the rosemary and garlic chicken, it was super, super yummy. We were both pretty full by the end so decided to share a dessert, deciding on the Blood Orange Cake which was incredibly light and fluffy! What really made this restaurant special was that it was underground, it literally was just a door on Wellington Street, if you didn't know where you were going you'd probably miss it! There were no windows, but the lighting was gorgeous - entirely lit by candles and sconces, rather than ceiling lights - very atmospheric lighting, very romantic too: lovely ambience. The service was so efficient, they never rushed you but we were out in super time! We went at a peak theatre dinner time, and they obviously wanted a quick turn over but not once did we feel rushed or pushed to leave, but they were super efficient bringing out the food and clearing our table so we weren't leaning in empty plates. The crockery was also non matching, the Mr had a round floral plate whereas i had a wiggly spotty one - i would highly, highly recommend this place! What really got me and the Mr smiling was that we were sharing a restaurant with none other than the lovely David Walliams, i even got a cheeky smile! It would have been very inappropriate to take even a sneaky photo so you'll just have to take my word for it!

For our anniversary date, i decided to go all out and wear a little more make up than i usually would. I thought it would be the perfect time to test out my new Rimmel make up:

Rimmel Quad Eye Shadow in 023 Beauty Spells & Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara

I have actually been using this mascara for the past couple of weeks, and although it's not as good as my failsafe Benefit Bad Gal, it'll do for it's extremely cheaper price tag. It's good at separating my lashes and not creating clumps, and also has great colour, texture and lengthens my lashes nicely. This Rimmel eyeshadow is also a lovely one, i rarely wear eyeshadow but this goes on beautifully. It has a slight glitter in two and shimmer in the other two, it goes on well and they all blend perfectly. On the back of the packaging it has a lovely little diagram to help apply, which was very handy for an eyeshadow blending (almost) virgin.

I would just like to take the time out to say a super special Happy Anniversary to Jonny, my lovely Mr, and to say a huge thank you for all the love and support you give me each and every day. Legs Eleven would not be half of what it is today without the confidence boosts you give me when i'm doubting myself. I know i tell you a lot, but when i say i love you - really do mean it! However, i don't think i tell him him even enough how much i appreciate him and everything he does for me. So i'm taking this little spot just to say a humongous THANK YOU and lots and lots of love.

A little more mush - i reached my first special check point of 10 followers this week, and have already flown to 11! I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all you lovely ladies who take the time to read and comment my posts. They never go unnoticed and i greatly, greatly appreciate them. It means a hell of a lot to me, as i'm not what i believe is a serious blogger but the support you give me is amazing, so thank you! I'm always on the look out for new blogs to follow so drop me a comment if you've got something you think i'm missing out on!

3 bloggers i have stumbled across recently, and seriously recommend, are: Leanne, Maria & Kirsty.


  1. sounds like the 2 of you had a lovely anniversary. i love italian but ive never been to a bella italia so i must check it out

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  3. Happy Anniversary!You looked lovely at your special day :)

  4. thank you lovely ladies! xo


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