2 February 2011

Happy February!

Well, i don't know about any of you but i, for one, am entirely glad that the dreaded January is over! However, the January blues seem to be creeping into the February blues, which is so not good! It's 3 weeks until half term, and i have an absolute mountain of work to do before then! However, i'm keeping my eyes on the prize (of spending a fab week in Southampton with the mr) and just getting on with things - however difficult that may be!

What did brighten up my week, nevertheless, was a lovely parcel from topshop.com, containing these little beauties:

MAXINE Leopard Print Multi Buckle Pumps

Once i spotted them i knew i needed them and decided to let what happened to the Camel Jeans not happen to me again! They also do them in black suade and i am far too tempted..

I hope you're all having a sunnier start to February than i am!

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