18 April 2011

A (Totally Forgotten About) Friday Feeling #12

001. This Easter holidays has been totally hit and miss when it comes to the blogging front - i apologise!

002. Since last checking in, i have caught up with my (what feels like) hundreds of blog posts, from you lovely ladies - it seems like you're all keeping yourselves busy AND keeping your blog up-to-date, i salute you (i don't know how you do it!)
I have also had my hair dyed (again) - people say that getting tattoos are an addiction, well hair dye is mine! Rather than going purpley/red and brown, this time i have gone entirely aubergine. I keep meaning to take some photos, but once i tell you all about my busy day - i think you'll see why i haven't had time yet! The colour is a gorgeous, rich purple but seems to have a red shimmer, i think it suits my skin tone far more than the previous brown.

003. My beautiful spring day has been split between getting some work done on my ever looming Final Major Project, and looking after a little girl named Molly. I am currently spending some time at the Mr's house, and his sister, brother-in-law and gorgeous niece are visiting. For a little one just over a year old, she has tonnes of energy and is just beginning to walk/stand up. We walked up and down the living room, what feels like, a hundred times but she was having a ball and anything is worth seeing that cheeky little grin on her face. Mary, the Mr's sister, is helping their mum on a flute course this week so is off busying herself while i am left at home with Jonny, Tim (J's brother-in-law) and little Molly May. We spent the day playing, napping, eating and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
We took a lovely walk through Ely, down to the river and home where i pushed Molly in her buggy - i'm sure i was being judged (but it didn't matter as i was pushing such a gorgeous little monkey!) - we had an absolute ball on the swings, and munched our (her) way through plenty of breadsticks! We stopped off at a lovely pub, by the river, called The Cutter - which i would definitely recommend if you're ever in the area - where i enjoyed a cool, icey, Malibu & coke - yummy! We had a leisurely strole home, munching on blue & pink bubblegum cola bottles, where i took some snaps to share with you of the beautiful Ely Cathedral:

Ely is clearly embracing the royal wedding with all this lovely bunting!

I hope you all enjoyed your sunny spring days and i'm ever so sorry i haven't kept you on it! I will try to update you as soon as i get a spare moment (at present, there are too many sticky little fingers that i can't afford to have all over my new macbook - i welcome the fun though!)

Happy Spring :)

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