8 April 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Oh My!

So, i spent yesterday's beautiful sunshine at Colchester Zoo with my lovely friends: Jess, Lisa & Sam. The weather was absolutely glorious and actually got pretty hot, especially when we thought it was a good idea to sit and watch the flying birds show in the midday heat - slightly sore faces on the way home after this, i even got a pink nose! Despite the heat, it was a lovely day and i thought i'd share some of the memories with you!

This is what i wore for the adventure; (these shorts sort of make me feel like an explorer!):

Shorts: New Look / Top: New Look / Belt: Peacocks / Necklace: Via Grandma / Cardigan: H&M / Tights: Tesco

I'd first of all like to introduce you to Jess; she really is one of a kind and gets herself into all sorts of situation, some of which are shown below.

This last picture is Jess trying to get herself into the pouch of a large Wallaby or Kangaroo. This is probably made for a 5 year old so it is not surprising that she didn't quite make it, however it did make for very humorous watching.

I took some lovely pictures of some of the animals we spotted along the way and here are just a taster!

Parrot / Columbian Monkey / Red Lemurs / Meerkat / Lion / Elephant / Giraffe / Hyena / Wallabys / Baby Monkey! / The Seal Tunnel

I spent a lovely day with some lovely friends, and i love getting driving experience other than my day to day travels. It was a relatively easy drive from where we live, so it wasn't too stressful which was nice! We spent the Morning and early Afternoon wandering around the zoo seeing what animals we could spot; my favourite was by far the Meerkats! They are so adorable, i took so many pictures of their cute little faces! The babies were especially gorgeous, as these Meerkats weren't very big anyway, the babies were tiny and super cute! It was nice to spend some time outside, in England, without a cardigan and actually experience some proper sunshine heat! Made a nice change.

After wandering 'round the zoo, we sat out on the grass and ate the picnic we collectively put together - it consisted of sausages, sausage rolls, tortilla chips, salsa, frazzles, pringles, brownies & rocky road. It was super yummy and was nice to be able to sit outside and eat. However, while we were sitting having a good natter a bird (somehow) managed to poo directly into the frazzles bag. It was seriously good aim and it had us all in stitches. We just heard it splat onto the bag, it was truly disgusting but gave us the giggles! We decided not to eat any more frazzles after that incident.

This is a picture of said incident.

If you don't live too far away and want a nice day out, especially with little'uns i definitely recommend Colchester Zoo! It was nice for a day out with the girls.

On the way home, we stopped off at Braintree Freeport for a spot of shopping! There isn't that much there that interested us, but there were a few places we stopped off and i got a few goodies to share with you. Now, ever since i was a little girl i have always had a complete infatuation with Claire's Accessories. Even now, the tacky gets me every time! They had a Claire's Outlet with 30% off everything - well, that was never going to end well! I came away with 4 lovely necklaces that you would never tell were from Claire's. I've been looking for a long necklace to wear with my dress next week and now i have 4 new options!

All from Claire's Accessories Outlet.

The little acorn caught my eye first and it all went downhill from there! The little mirror is very Alice in Wonderland, and originally came with a small, white, lace bow attached but that made it slightly tacky and very Claire's Accessories so i took that off and am happy with the result. I especially love the the little gold ball, a jewellery designer that we saw at the Clothes Show 2 years ago sold little gold balls like this and ever since i regretted not getting one, so this is a nice and cheaper alternative!

I am also always on the look out for bits and bobs for me to take to university with me, in September, and when i saw this cushion - i just couldn't resist! I have been longing for some homely, squishy cushions to take with me to make my room feel that little bit more snuggly and i just had to have this one!

Cushion: Past Times

I have a few bits & bobs from Past Times, and am always drawn to it's retro products, and as this lovely cross stitch cushion was in the sale, well, i just couldn't say no.

All in all, we had a fab day and i couldn't ask for better friends! xo

(p.s. this gets me every time, and i'm sure everyone has seen it by now but if you haven't - you really must check out the Morrison's Advert feat. Freddie Flintoff, keep a special eye out for the little welsh girl "and a royal weeeeedding" and right at the end the little boy who forgot the quiche! Seriously, check it out, it's such brilliant advertising!)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful day :)
    Sometimes just having fun and relaxing with friends really does make for a great day.

    Seriously ever since I was a little girl I have had the same infatuation with Claire’s Accessories! You know what I used to love those goodie bags they would do, and I love it when they have a crazy sale… 15 items for a fiver or something daft! I shall never outgrow that shop NEVER!

    The cushion is so lovely too, great find xxx

  2. Love the top and the Acorn Necklace, the sleeping animals are so cuteeeeee!! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Love this post! Perfect outfit for a sunny trip to the zoo and I want want want that acorn necklace!



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