23 March 2011


Now, i'm seriously Pro Primark, but whenever i took the time to venture in, i never really found anything i thought was really worth spending my hard earned pennies on, however i always seeemed to come away with something that i was sure i "needed". We all know that Primark is all about quantity and not quality, but when i heard that they were now selling Long Length Jeans - i had to take a look for myself! After reading it on Ellie's blog, i just had to get down there! Considering the £40 price tag i usually spend of my jeans, anything below is very much appreciated - and at £8 a pop, i just couldn't say no!

I have to say that i wasn't totally sold when i was rummaging through piles and piles of mixed sizes and a mish mash of short, regulars and long, but it was when i came to try them on that they really stood their ground. They fit me like a glove, i just could not turn them down. They were snug fitting and at the waitband they were well fitting, but also had that give that you need!

While also on my Primark spree, i spyed what i have been waiting for for months - Palazzo Trousers. I've been eyeing them up in topshop, but at their extortionate price i just couldn't do it to my bank balance. SO, when i was presented with all these gorgeous prints - it was too much to bare! I tried on a black pair showered with multi coloured florals but i just fell in love with the gorgeous cut of this grey, spotty pair. They're super floaty and are also quite smooth, and silky. They fit me perfectly and i think they're the first pair of 'bottoms' i have ever bought that aren't in a tall range!

I also picked up these adorable denim shorts, that fashion the odd trend of showing a piece of fabric below the hemline. I'm not so sure why it's a trend (enlighten me, please!) but i happen to really like it. They're such a fab denim, i love the distressed look and the fabric is also really sweet - just couldn't resist, i was looking at a similar pair in new look for over twice the price!

The gorgeous blazer i ordered from ASOS has arrived, and i just thought i'd share it with you as i have fallen in love! I've actually already received it once, in a size 10, but decided to exchange it as i wasn't happy with how it fit, but i'm now head over with my size 8. I'm planning to wear it when me and the Mr go to see We Will Rock You, can't wait!

I'll outfit post my new items when i get 'round to wearing them; I hope you're all doing me proud in the shopping stakes, bring on payday next week, eh!?

p.s. I definitely recommend you check out the Miss Selfridge online sale - i'ts packed with bargains!


  1. You can’t go wrong at Primark prices, I love those Palazzo Trousers, the print is fabulous and the little nautical button is so cute! I did wonder what the trend with the piece of fabric showing was, I think it’s just part of the distressed/rugged look! Oh well! Such lovely buys as always xx

  2. I’ve tagged you in a challenge :)xx

  3. i accept your challenge! (: x


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